Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Vice President Talks Like a Longshoreman

It was all french cuffs and the f bomb today in the beautiful historic and cultured home of our Presidents.

"This is a big f***ing deal", said Biden

Gibbs, I suppose not unaccustomed to the white trash and hillbillies trampling Pennsylvania Avenue tweeted something like "Yes, Mr. Vice President, it is"

How embarrassing and humiliating that the whole world has to see there's not an ounce of dignity or class in the White House.

We'll have to fumigate the place after they're run out of town.


Anonymous said...

If you go by the comments on new stories, the country is now sharply divided. The other side is also now openly vulgar and seemingly hateful...sorta like a just stuff it attitude, you inferior being...even more than before.

L, Rachele

Anonymous said...

signs of possession??? I wonder if that's what it was like during the trial and crucifixtion?

L, Rachele