Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Update on the Scot Landry Dust Up - the Golden Parachute

Here's the update on the Scot Landry situation. I actually misinterpreted a phone message and sent out an email blast that the squeeze on Scott had been completed.   As more details came in during the day from my sources, what I can put together is that Landry's role in Development is indeed history.    To usher him out of Development, the wizards at the diocese told him they would carve out a new role for him.  There was a lot of brainstorming.  When the golden parachute opened, lo and behold, there is no money to support the role.    This is where the situation stands.

Francis Marion does a bang up job setting the record straight:

It appears that a group of people in the Chancery, including James McDonnough, the Chancellor, has put the squeeze on Mr. Landry’s position as Secretary of Development. Why would they do that? Well, since the Sec. of development has been sucessful hitting their fundraising goals year after year in the worst economic climate in a whole generation and those funds pay all of the salaries of people in the chancery among other important programs, it actually makes no sense. Mr. Landry is so good at what hes been doing and has such high integrity and strong orthodoxy that he has been able to attract good people to his office, build solid relationships with donors, and hit the fundraising goals, while hes also running programs that evangelise the faith in his spare time. Why not just let the guy keep doing great work? I dunno. But we have been told by multiple sources over the past month that Scot is being squeezed out of the develpment role while at the same time their is not necessarily another position available to use his capabilities and skills. This situation appears to be comiing to a head. So if he does not have the development role any more and their is not another good job for him soon with resources available to succeed he could be squeezed entirely out. So we were wrong previously, the final squeeze has not happened yet and there is some chance he may still be saved. We hope he stays, and apologize for that incorrect information. As readers hopefully see we document everything and try to maintain the highest journlistic standards.

Here at BryanhehirExposed, we don’t know Mr. McDonnough. But we do know that the search team that hired him was led by Neal Finnegan, who is an old chrony of Fr. Hehir from Catholic Charities. And we know that the people who are, lets say, pulling the strings in the archdiocese with the most influence these days in the Chancery are McDonnough and Fr. Hehir. And the likes of Fr. Hehir’s buddy Jack Connors who is involved in all of the education stuff and the new Pope John Paul II academy are sending their fund-raisers who seems to have missed a bunch of their goals to now take over fundraising for the archdiocese and replace the guy who was actually hitting his goals. If Mr. McDonnough, Fr. Hehir, or Mr. Connors or someone else with a logical explanation are reading this, please feel free to share it and we will be more than delighted to publish it.

If Cardinal O’Malley is permitting or cooperating in this squeezola and it continues as it has been, that has a very good chance of leaving Fr. Bryan Hehir, chancellor McDonnough, Jack Connors, and the gang of Fr. Hehir’s chronies running everything. (Hehir is definitely one of, if not the most influential advisor to Cardinal O’Malley, who advises the Cardinal on public policy, the Catholic schools system, hospitals, has pro-life education under him for some reason, and he is also primary troubleshooter for O’Malley. Hehir has been quoted as saying of his role, “the amount of things that I’ve been doing had been growing on an ad hoc basis.“).

While the situation is still developing, it's not a good scenario. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers. The tremendous value that Scot has brought to the diocese is being wrestled out of the hands of many who have benefited from the programs over the past several years.

It's another indication that the Cardinal has absolutely no control whatsoever over what is happening in the diocese. The power is in the hands of the corrupt and there is nothing and nobody stopping them.

Frank also has a post up detailing more information on Bryan Hehir's Conference coming up on April 30th that is a must read.

Here's a teaser:

Besides having no basis whatsoever to change the Cleveland liturgy, hes also a fan of liturgical dance. In this 2004 report, Fr. Murray was seen “accompanied by scantily clad liturgical dancers in black skimpy costumes dancing with their smoking bowls of incense during a children’s grade school Mass.”

Looks like he's going to put a post up about Bishop Lynch. Having followed some of Lynch's career for a while, I can say with full conviction that it ought to be a doosy.

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Anonymous said...

You know, these tactics are not new but tried and found quite successful. This is how they got rid of the Vatican II "reactionaries."

I can see nothing has changed over the decades.

More and more Catholics are dropping by the wayside. God have mercy on those responsible for their defection.