Monday, April 12, 2010


Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon.

When are YOU going to acknowledge your guilt in being a participant in a the freak-show in Geneva, IL where a catholic church and pastor racked by a sordid sexual abuse scandal decided to take the not-sochristian approach of slandering the victims' supporters.

You were quite eloquent in your support of the pervs in white collars. You even supported the sick and sordid spectacle of having the pastor con the flock into thinking that a documentary was being made to clear the pastor's 'good' name.

Then, when the victims' story was supported to the tune of a $2,000,000+ settlement, you turned tail and never showed your face...or words again in our fine town.

Do you always make it a point to turn-tail and run when it gets too hot in the kitchen??

Why can't you admit that you were fooled by a pastor and his sick supporters??

Oh?? No comment?? I'll take your silence as an admission of guilt.

Carol McKinley said...

I would just not even know where to begin to respond to your delusions. You had a pervert priest in your parish. Nobody was disputing that. The police and prosecutors were attending to it and in fact, if my memory serves me correctly, the priest admitted it. Nobody, including the pastor, was disputing the abuse.

However, Two teachers covered it up for years. You supported those teachers and tried to pin something on the pastor. You brought in VOTF and SNAP to create hysteria in your parish. One of the people you brought in and exposed children to was subsequently arrested for being...a pervert. You put children in harms way on some silly vendetta against the pastor -- all while coddling the two teachers who played "pals" with the victim and kept silent on the abuse for years. You and your detractors were disturbing the Sacraments to draw attention to yourself and bully the pastor.

The pastor indeed brought in somebody to do a documentary on your shenanigans, most of which I enjoyed right up until strange names popped up when he would call and I couldn't get a straight answer out of him on all the characters showing up that sounded just like him, and, until he started coaching parishioners to stalk his detractors and he hung a noose on his website.

There wasn't a rational person in the entire parish. There was nobody lucid. There was nothing more to say or do. The entire place had descended into hell. Gone to the dogs.

To twist the situation as my showing up to support a pedophile and I ran away when there was heat in the kitchen is truly laughable. I've never run from danger in my life! Had there been somebody lucid and sane to work on and work out a solution, I would have continued to work the situation. Since there wasn't, I have no duty to spin my wheels with the spiritually insane.

Though I owe you no explanation, I've repeated this synopsis to you numerous times.

I'm sure you've exhausted the entire town of Geneva to find a victim to accuse of this or that but I simply don't have the time to repeat myself with you. Try back in a couple of years when my teenagers are all tucked away in college and perhaps I'll have time to waste. I doubt it, because life is simply too precious and there is too much to do to get into dust ups with people who are not acting in good faith.

Sorry to be so blunt but you have not understood any other way I've tried to convey this to you. I've had my fill of crazies while blogging. Go crazy somewhere else. I'm all full up here.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have more important things to do. But i'm glad you did say one thing that may be very useful in the not-too-distant future.

There is pending criminal and civil litigation over the perverted pastor's web-site (which, amazingly, is STILL posting filth about us, while paying homage to disgraced Fr. Joe)

Fr. Joe and his cronies claim it was US who posted the noose. WE filed a complaint with the Geneva Police, but could never PROVE that one Fr. Joe's supporters posted the noose. I'm glad we can count on you to, if necessary, do the honorable thing and repeat what you just posted about Fr. Joe's supporters posting the noose. We've known it all along, but Fr. Joe can't say three words without lying to save his sorry hide.

He's a con-man from the word go and he conned us, you, and the entire flock. He's a shyster in a white collar and is now preaching at a parish of about 15 members. Geneva's parish is over 9,000. Think the Bishop was sending him a message?

Thanks again for responding...and sharing that little nugget of info that may come in handy later.


Carol McKinley said...

I don't know anything about the pastor being a con man. I know he was being abused by you and your group. The con man with the documentary had quite a remarkable gig going on. It was professional, smooth, he knew just how to size you up and say all the right things. Who is to say that Fr. Joe, in a moment of having his back up against the wall with vigilantes all over him, he wasn't conned just like the rest of us?

The con man had multiple personalities going posting to his own website. Given the way he unraveled when I tried to get him to state his name, I assumed it was one of his aliases that put up the noose.

I do remember that it was directed towards you and your group - but other than that, it is conjecture on my part as to the identity of the poster.

The noose was only up for a short time. I doubt the pastor even saw it. He was not responsible. Or, to put it another way, he is as responsible for that nut as you are responsible for the child molester you brought into the parish who may or may not have molested children in your own parish. Of course, that perv didn't have a white collar. As I remember it, he didn't even have pants. Wasn't he caught dropping his draws in a public park?

I've said before, what happened to you, your parishioners, the young girl and the priests is heartbreaking. Using the situation to suck the entire priesthood into the vacuum is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that everything you say in defense of our former pastor is true (which I don't believe for one moment), one big question:

1. OK. Fr. Joe was 'conned'. As a result of the 'con', many, many parisioners have been hurt. Both, Fr. Joe supporters and those who think he's a snake. There are still those mis-guided supporters of his who STILL cling to the delusion that the documentary scam is/was real. Isn't it time for him, as a 'good christian man' to acknowledge that he was conned and, as a result, a con was prepetrated on the parish? Maybe a mea culpa would be in order to bring a modicum of healing to parish.

Here's the flaw in that logic. People who are truly victims have no issue with stepping forward and admitting they were conned. After all, they're VICTIMS. What do they have to hide or fear?

Fr. Joe has NOT done anything close to that. He packed his bags and ran out of town leaving the 'con' to continue unabated. The parish continues to suffer without a word from your beloved Fr. Joe explaining that he was the victim of a scam. And again, that's putting the best possible spin on things in his defense.

If Fr. Joe is truly innocent and not a part of the scam, he's a coward for not stepping up to set the record straight.

If he, as I believe, he was a part of the scam, then perhaps he has good reason to turn tail and head for the hills.

Either way, Fr. Joe comes off smelling worse than a wet dog. And, don't forget, he's a 'man of god' and should always take the high-road and put the interests of the parish above all, even if it brings him some degree of shame and personal embarrassment.

Yeah right...don't hold your breath.

Carol McKinley said...

I'm afraid you are still not able to see the situation from the perspective of the common good of Christ's Church.

If you were acting in good faith on behalf of the safety of children you would have spent all this time going after the two teachers who coddled the pedophile relationship for years (and at least one of them is still teaching). But instead, you launched a full scale attack on a priest a dime and told on the pedophile as soon as he found out. Meanwhile you grant yourself a pardon for actually bringing VOTF and SNAP who literally brought in pedophile and exposed the children to danger.

It was clear to me that you had/have some kind of ulterior motive.

You're obsessed in tearing up the vocation of that priest. He can't put the common good of the Church and other vocations at risk by giving you any kind of momentum. You have not proven yourself to be rationally going after the actual people who put that child in jeopardy - and you continuously accuse people of things that are absurd.

You have nobody to blame for the position you are now in but yourself. You pushed the pastor into a corner where he did what he thought would save his vocation. The situation attracted a psychopath and sociopath. If you keep kicking a dog, they're going to turn around and bit you back.

You've all been traumatized but you are just as responsible for kicking the beast. Suck up the penance and strive to be merciful to the people you have wound up.

I would be happy to call whoever the new priest is in charge of the parish and relate my experiences with the psychopath. Or, for that matter, the Bishop. If the parishioners are still on your tail, it is his responsibility to gather up his parishioners and tell them to knock it off and to cut them off from the psychopath and con man. You can drop me an email. I think you have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to keep going with this.

First of all, the 'position I'm in' is one I wouldn't trade for anything. I hold my head high in our town. It's Fr joe and his band of pit-bulls that are shunned like lepers in our community. Many, many former parishioners from our parish thank me for 'outing' Fr. Joe each week and sending him packing with his tail bewteen his legs. The parish is in a financial tailspin that it has never recovered from. That's the painful part of being outed as a liar and a con...the community will never forget. Sad to break the news to you Carol, but myself and our friends are still praised and admired for standing up to the diocese, Fr. Joe and his 'film' crew. We're all fine. We had truth on our side. We grant public interviews all the time about st. Peter's 'dirty little secret'. We've proven that a small but determined group can stand up to a bishop, his pastor, attack-dog parishioners, a mock-film crew and the bishp's high-paid lawyers...and prevail!

Sadly, you and the rest of his 'supporters' enabled Fr. Joe and contributed to his demise. Egging him on was like giving an alcoholic a bottles of whiskey. Fr. Joe, as pathetic as he was, was used by you and your ilk to advnace YOUR agenda. He's living in shame because people like yourself used him and then deserted him when he needed you most. So Christian of you!

Don't feel sorry for 'our position'. Our bishop will think twice before trying to keep the next sexual abuse allegation 'in house'. That's the achilles heel of the church. It truly believes that the civil law that we all live by doesn't apply to its own actions.

Bye for now. Sell a few more books. Be a another carpetbagger in some other community. You and Fr. Joe put up a valiant fight, but were eventually trumped by truth and the willpower of those of us who stood up to the secrecy and evil of our bishop and pastor.

Carol McKinley said...

And there we have it.

The "Church" didn't keep the allegation "in house" - the two lay teachers did.

Greenheads can't hear anything above the buzz, buzz, buzz of their little insect heads.

Carol McKinley said...

Sancte Michael Archangele,
defende nos in proelio,
contra nequitiam
et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus,
supplices deprecamur:
Princeps militiae caelestis,
Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum
pervagantur in mundo,
divina virtute,
in infernum detrude. Amen.