Saturday, April 10, 2010

More anti-Catholic Tripe in the Boston Globe

Don't look to Rome for True Catholic Voices
By Andrew Basevich

the Church of Rome — the church of pomp, hierarchy, and authority — is imploding. The damage already sustained qualifies as catastrophic. There is more to come.....
The collapse of Christendom — the concept of a secular order based on Christian precepts — is now fully complete. So too is the triumph of modernity. No encyclical handed down from on high will reverse that verdict. We ourselves must deal with the consequences.....
To its proponents, modernity implied liberation. To others, it suggested moral anarchy. Either way, the quickening tempo of change diluted and then dissolved established authority. Truth became first malleable and then seemingly obsolete.
For decades, the Roman Church placed itself at the forefront of those resisting these developments...

Simply put, what Rome says no longer matters. The bishops — those of this country in the vanguard — have already squandered any claim to trust. The pope himself now seems hell-bent on forfeiting what remains of his authority
Good Lord, where did this chicken little come from?

The main burden of engaging the world from an authentically Catholic perspective will fall elsewhere. We must look to universities like Notre Dame and Boston College remain seriously committed to their Catholic identity; to independent publications such as Commonweal magazine and the Jesuit weekly America; to grassroots lay organizations such as Voice of the Faithful or to the radical Catholic Worker movement founded by Dorothy Day; and to the communities of religious men and women, their numbers in decline, who in forsaking worldly ambition pursue lives of quiet holiness.This church — the real church, not the institutional one — will necessarily speak with many contending voices. Out of introspection and before discernment comes disagreement and dissent.

Jack Connors eat your heart out.

And Jesus took pity (on the poor fools).

There's a passage in Scripture towards the end of Christ's ministry where He forewarns of the chaos and describes the hysterics who will run past the Sanctuary telling people they can find Christ hither and yon in this place or that place.   He explicitly gave us counsel to pay no attention to them.

I love this comment:

Walter Percy? (sic) C'mon. Professor Bacevich is now the Globe's Catholic Authority? What happened to Jimmy Carrol? Who's next? Get in line for a chance to ring the bell and dunk the Pope 

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