Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirty-Two Years Worth of Dung at Bryan Hehir Exposed

There seems to be a bottomless pit of dung being excavated at Bryan Hehir Exposed.

Today, Frank Marion has a contribution from a guest who dug up a 1978 article called "Bryan Hehir Should Be Fired".

32 years ago it was clear Fr. Hehir was poisoning the well where Catholics drink.

Marion's gives a good summary:

Even more important, Fr. Hehir’s and others’ ideas like this were able to advance and take hold over the intervening 32 years because people did not understand the Church’s moral teaching to begin with.  For example, Hehir based part of his argument on the “need” for population control. Now, history has obviously proven that perceived “need” wrong since we’re facing something more like a demographic winter. But to even consider that population needed to be controlled was wrong.

What could be more amoral and corrupt?

China is aggressive and above board.   Hehir is doing it all under the radar.

Like the victims of sexual abuse, all the complaints of people over the past 32 years have been ignored.

There has been no accountability for the Bishops who have empowered him to destroy the souls of people he's hoodwinked for the past 32 years.

Tomorrow, the most senior adviser to Cardinal O'Malley will legitimize the ideology that the living Eucharist is expanding our minds with pornographic novels and movies - at a conference being hosted by a Bishop who paid off a former employee for unwanted sexual advances - and there isn't a peep out of the sexual abuse victims networks.

It's almost surreal.

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