Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Would Bryan Hehir Consistently Choose Unfaithful Speakers and Programs?

The dung Frank Marion is unearthing on Bryan Hehir Exposed stinks to the high heavens.

Look, if you wanted your students to learn religious art and culture and you keep inviting Mapplethorpe to teach them, your agenda is written all over it. If you run a conference on marriage and invite Tiger Woods, you are not acting in good faith.  

There's a reason why he's never invited the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and Mother Assumpta.

Neither is the Cardinal a half-wit being led by the nose against his will.    He knew he was bringing a Kennedy School of Government Communist when he brought him here.    This stuff has the Cardinal's full blessing. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I still can't believe THIS is who my bishop chose for our Living Eucharist Conference, April 30th. Yup, Bryan Hehir is coming to Florida. I'm afraid to look up the other two speakers.. It is no mistake that I found your blog, Carol. Keep the truth coming..the Lord is going to restore His house but it's going to require a little, cleaning first .

1Pet 4: 17

Chantel said...

What an incredibly thorough job that new blog is doing of unraveling the cause and effects of what’s been wrong for so long here in the Archdiocese and with Catholic Charities.
As I said rhetorically on Francis Marion's blog,, it would be a shocker to see a real live response from Cardinal Sean.
I’m afraid, however, we’ll just get the usual response: ignoring the elephant in the living room.
But we will get probably a few dozen more pictures weekly of the cardinal posing with various people on his own blog, to which few if any negative posts ever get to see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Because there is a parallel church.

Carol McKinley said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the heads up on Bishop Lynch's Florida Conference. Hehir is not the only scandal at that conference. Whoah Nellie.