Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cardinal O'Malley Gives Catholics Another Head Fake

 We've been duped again. 

In the midst of ambiguity nobody on any side of the issue could figure out, Bryan Hehir showed up on NPR today explaining that Mary Grassa O'Neil and the Cardinal's statement intended to convey that the Cardinal is "not going to prevent children from coming to schools because of family background, whatever it is".

As the Cardinal said...We intend to do it...with the formulation ofp olicy that will give better guidance."


Is that what the Cardinal said in that statement?

Because it certainly reads like there was some kind of a discernment process going on whereby the needs of all the children, the teachers and the deposit of faith were going to be discussed and incorporated and that Archbishop Chaput's treatise was going to be given "serious consideration" in the policy.

But, alas, the Cardinal appears to have been, once again, conning us.

Hit the listen now feature on WBUR.

"We are not going to exclude", Hehir proclaims.

What they are doing now he said is coming up with "specific guidance from pastors and principals and we will get to that", he said.

If you listen in starting around 10:44 on the tape, you'll find the method behind their madness.

Both Bryan Hehir and a lesbian mother interviewed essentially both confirm that when you water down the Church's teachings of human sexuality by talking about "the broader range of moral teachings" i.e, feeding the poor, social justice and human rights, the children don't feel so bad about sin.

Like a pickpocket at Park Street station, the children hardly take notice they're being robbed of their salvation.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.

This is nothing new.  It's what an entire generation of Catholic women were taught about contraception and abortion.

Now that this has fully bloomed, Hehir is leading the charge on the new frontier:  confusing sexual morality within Catholic schools.

Gaining entry into Heaven is about choosing from a menu of doing good things at a big old cafeteria of social justice.

When your good deeds are done for the day, collect your get out of hell free cards, take a load off your feet, hop into a bed and commit adultery. Kill a child conceived.  Elect a proabort Marxist to destroy your country.  Open up an abortion business.  Shuffle a pedophile into another parish.  Cover up decades of Maciel's abuse.

On your way home, pick up litter and drop ten dollars into St. Vincent de Paul and you have washed yourself in the river of Christ's Blood at the foot of His Cross.

I'll tell you something.  The lying that is coming down directly from the Cardinal is scandalous.

It's the Who's Who of Catholic cons.

What is frightening is, this morass is actually the Paul Shanley school of Catholic morality.   As a priest, if you sleep with your neighbors son but serve in a soup the homeless, it mitigates the adultery in the eyes of God.

The dishonesty from the Cardinal's regime is a gift that just keeps on giving.   When the Cardinal dropped the mention of Archbishop Chaput's treatise to make it look like a decision had not been made and there was going to be discussion about policy -  this was not at all the case.

Hehir said "it is understood that each diocese is under the control of the Bishop and they do not cross diocese when they differ from one another".  Hehir said "It is understandable that Cardinal O'Malley is not going to be talking about what other Bishops do...this is a complicated case".  "We are talking about what will happen in Boston".

We are going to manage the problem...that is the Cardinal's intent".

Why bother with the intellectual dishonesty?

To dupe Rome like they did when they called in the National Catholic Bioethics Center to confirm their abortion business was in keeping with Catholic ethos?

Here's your ACTION ITEMS:

Please, right now, go to the  TAKE ACTION page on Bryan Hehir Exposed which has been updated with instructions on how reaching the Nuncio, Holy Father, Archbishop Burke, Cardinal Leveda and others.

The free fax set up is very easy to use.

We have a window of opportunity.  We have got to get out the troops like never before.

Do it now.  Circulate it to everyone on your email list.  Make a personal appeal to three people and follow through to make sure they've taken action.

Stand up and fight.

Please also catch up to Joe Sacerdo's excellent post on Bryan Hehir Exposed today and also be sure to also tune in within the next 24 hours for some explosive information on what kind of a "think tank" the "Presbyteral Council" is.

I think it's going to be a very informative piece of the puzzle as to why this cowardly act of deception involves "the Presbyteral Council".


Jerry said...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ... you. Fool me 40 years?? Heresy, sex-ed, molestation. Again and again.

When the Arians took over dioceses in the 4th century, the faithful left, as St. Basil attests. They wouldn't attend the houses of impiety. Why do you stay today?

CharlieMack said...

Thank you so much for staying on top of this situation and alerting us.

Anonymous said...

We are going to manage the situation. Sean O Malley has abrogated all pastoral responsibility. This the Pope must not allow.