Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fr. Corapi's Thoughts on Socialism

We're dropping the ball and losing the culture to neopagan elements.

Urging attendees to examine the current political climate, he said that "socialism is not in conformity with biblical teaching. Socialism doesn't profit the poor, but only brings poverty and misery. Socialism is about the seizure of power. It only brings everyone down to the lowest common denominator."

"The day for fence-sitting is over; the days to be a lukewarm Catholic are rapidly coming to an end."

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TheLastCatholciinBoston said...

Fr. Corapi called Boston "ground Zero in the Culture of Death"

I think there were about 2,500 in attendance.

I was fascinated that it seemed that most didn't understand what he said, were not listening or thought he was talking about the 'priest scandal'.

So Carol, Here we are, a few years later with your excellent work and the emerging work of EBH.

One good Priest and some good seed planting.

7,000 in St. Louis!