Monday, May 10, 2010

How many times with the RNC make a leper out of a pol with Mitt Romney ?

Speaking of Tiger Woods, you know that commercial where he is all innocent and contrite and his father is in the background saying "what have you learned?"

It's the meme for the Republicans in 2012 and the answer is...NOTHING.

I know it's hard to believe, but I tell you, they have learned nothing.



Do you think we'll see more of proabort flipflopping Mitt Romney before the RNC wakes up or has Bob Bennet's defeat get the message through?

The bigger loser in Bennett’s defeat yesterday may be Mitt Romney, who supported the incumbent’s re-election. Romney, who has yet to announce any plans to run again for president in 2012, has been actively courting support from grassroots Conservatives.

You bet we will.   

Everything to the Republicans is some kind of personal insult where you are "dragging good people through the mud" or similar nonsense.

They pick a horse and no matter how lame it is, they'll stick with it and set themselves out to destroy the good will of anyone who tells them they're out of touch with grassroots.

If you say "dude, your horse only has three legs", you're a malcontent horsehater. 

There is no sanity to be found save for tiny little pockets.

I had a conversation with a fairly prominent media person who went apoplectic when I mentioned  lobbying for Rick Santorum is a fool's errand because he is toast in the grassroots and toast on the higher levels at the RNC.

Why they can't take good faith lucid observations under advisement is beyond me - but it is what it is.

And so, they dusted off Mittens and circulated him again.

Instead of sanely picking out two or three people with solid credentials and weeding out people who will not get momentum, they are going to dust off Mittens and Santorum and others and we'll be right back where we were in 2008.

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