Sunday, May 30, 2010

Put a Feather in your Hat and Call it Macaroni

Michael Voris hits the absurdities of yet another lay Catholic organization taking Name of Christ's Church in vain.

Oh, and remember the Portsmouth Knights of Columbus sex and candy celebration the Knights supposedly canceled?

Here is the latest update from John O'Gorman who has been working on the hypocrisy of the Knights of Columbus for many years:

Dear Pro-Life friend,

An e-mail sent today by Dr. Richard J. Spead, PhD, President of Portsmouth (NH) Casey Home Association, who is also Deputy Grand Knight of Council 140, Portsmouth, informs us:

“At a Special Meeting of the Portsmouth Casey Home Association held at 7:00 p.m. on May 20, 2010; it was the vote of the Membership  to “Amend the Association's Bylaws to remove all references to the Immaculate Conception Council 140 Knights of Columbus, its Grand Knight, and its Financial Secretary and “Members” so as to eliminate any relationship or association between the two Organizations. The Bylaws have been amended”.

Given that the K of C were denying that there was any relationship between themselves and Portsmouth Casey Home Association, it is amazing that they had these bylaws to amend! This three card trick fools no one. Casey still means K of C.

On the NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire website today I find that the NARAL Choice Chocolate 2010 event is again advertised for Wednesday, June 9, 2010, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the very same Casey Function Center which canceled the booking last week after Pro-Lifers protested. Massive pickets please!

Is there no end to the lengths to which the K of C at local, state and national level, will go to deceive the public - while it continues its cozy relationship with NARAL Pro-Choice, a leading abortion advocacy group - and their many K of C allies in politics?

Yours in Pro-Life,

John O’Gorman


Anonymous said...

I must write and point out one salient point about the statements of Bryan Hehir. He has no relationship in his comments to the subject at hand. His words seem to be nothing more than spin and private revelations of his own personal opinions. He is obviously not in a state of the grace that sanctifies. This shows in the confusion and his inability to follow the reasoning in the subjects about which he opines. He is always at odds with the questions to be answered or the subjects being discussed,
As for conscience he is so far off base it is disgusting. The Church has always taught and comes from Ignatius Loyola, that we have Free will and from an informed conscience we then have the burden of choice. Which of parts of this statement does this renegade not understand???

Jerry said...

The KofC is, at least in Mass., an extension of the Lodge. I'm a former 3rd-degree Mason of Columbus who left his Lodge in Billerica when they displayed an award from the State for 25 years of brotherhood with the Masons. They had inter-lodge parties and even invited the boys in aprons to come to Mass as St. Theresa's!

Godspeed John! We've met before, and I'm impressed at how you hang in there.