Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kudos to Board Members of Megan Furth Catholic Academy

A board member at the Megan Furth Catholic Academy admitted to the ransacking, which took place over the last two weeks.

It appears that the church's owners received warning letters from the city instructing them not to strip the church of its contents -- the church has local protected landmark status -- and then sent workers to the church over the weekend to remove the valuable artifacts.

According to Department of Building Inspection director Ed Sweeny:
"They went to work during the weekend, crated everything up and off-hauled it," Sweeney said. "They took the altar, statues, pews, the organ, two windows."
Removal of the windows is particularly troublesome because the building's outdoor facade is protected under the city's landmark law.

Church board members insist that the items -- including the certified holy relic (as in like hair or bone chips or something) of a saint encased in the altar -- will be sold to other Catholic institutions and reused in religious settings, not as, say, a cutting board, massage table or waiting room bench at the VD clinic.

Now that there's nothing left in the church, Megan Furth Academy may sell off the empty shell or relocate to the building.

Amen to all this!

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