Monday, June 21, 2010

News Update on the Corrupt and Craven

While dealing with the threats of violence parents face in parishes and schools when they correct errors, the Bryan Hehir Exposed team has some mandatory reading for Catholics called No Backbone for Boston Archbishop.

Among other things, Joe Sacerdo covers the Bryan Hehir gushing about Sister kill children of the poor Carol Keehan at a Catholic Health Association event, more news on the handing off of Catholic education to apostates and heretics with money and the Cardinal O'Malley's ludicrous press release on how much Dean Garvey helped to solidify Catholic identity at Boston College. Given that the Holy See approved of Garvey (over Towey!)and their sanctuary for this corrupt Cardinal, I think they have a long way to fall.

Speaking of which, there's a significant layoff coming down the pike this week at the Chancery. As you know, the Cardinal says they're in fantastic financial shape!

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