Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Operation Free the Sacred Heart Fornicators

Sorry 'bout the radio silence.  Busy week.

More news on this later, but quite the crew of vulgar and promiscuous students they're breeding at Sacred Heart.    When they aren't writing threats and profanity, they're giving me intimate details of their sexual acts.    Weird and creepy.  Definitely a threatening and toxic place for practicing Catholics.

As I said, more later.

As everyone in Catholicism knows by now, Boston College apostate (Law School Dean) John Harvey was appointed as President of Catholic University. 

Start HERE at BryanHehirExposed and read the fantastic (as always) coverage of the story.

Here's something to pique your curiosity:

Even though this is slightly off-topic, when someone from Boston has a history of failure to uphold Church teachings, you can predict that Fr. Bryan Hehir and probably Cardinal Sean O’Malley are also involved, and this story is no exception.
And, you can always count on MCFL to sling it for the proaborts:

Dean Garvey has been most generous to Mass Citizens.  He has made available the beautiful facilities of the Law School for MCFL Board meetings and Conventions.  He addressed our Conventions the last two years.  People are still quoting his recent presentation on conscience rights.  We are certainly grateful for his scholarship, his leadership, and his gracious way.

I know you join me in wishing him the very best at Catholic University - and in hoping we may get to see him when we are in DC next January 22nd! 

 The kicker is, a fantastic candidate was also in the running for the job - faithful Catholic and pro-lifer Jim Towey.

Bishop Gracida has his own rundown HERE, aptly named The Boston Virus Continues to Spread Where is the CDC When We Need It.

Meanwhile, the USCCB swarmed to Bishop Lynch's St. Petersburg,  host of the recent Brokeback Mountain booty call conference.

Truth is stranger than fiction. 


Marie Tremblay said...

This post explains how Garvey's notion of "academic freedom" is distorted.

Anonymous said...

Carol, are you talking about the Convent of the Sacred Heart? If so, they've come a long way from St.Madeline Sophie Barat's "vision" (as they say nowadays). She had the utmost charity for anyone except the immoral student who, she said, quickly corrupted anyone she (the student [it was an all girls' school]) came in contact with.


Alexandra said...

Stop painting ALL of sacred heart as vulgar and teeming with sin. You failed to post the thoughtful posts that simply argued your points in your original article bashing a teenager's newspaper article. You mainly posted inflammatory comments to portray yourself as a victim and to portray Sacred Heart as vicious.

To Parents Reading this: Ms. McKinley has shed a completely erroneous light on Sacred Heart. I have been closely related to Sacred Heart for over 30 years, and as a devote Catholic, I can honestly tell you it is filled with the most loving, compassionate, innovative people. It is a shame if you will allow an article of this variety sway your opinions on the institution so strongly.

Carol, please stop bashing Sacred Heart as your opinions are taken much more seriously than they should be by some people, and you are not acting in a compassionate manner. If you hate this institution so much, try talking to administration, helping them fix their ways as you see fit, as opposed to bashing the place on your internet blog. From a devout Catholic, I would expect better.

Anonymous said...


Carol McKinley said...


And proud of it.

In fact, did you know zealots have pride parades every day about a block from downtown crossing?

I kid you not.

When you come out of the southeast door of Macy's, take your next left onto Arch Street. Tilt your head about 45 degrees and when you see a Man hanging on a Cross, head through the double doors underneath him. Go through the next set of double doors and turn your head to the right about 30 degrees. Right in front of funny looking doors with lights on them, there's a parade of zealots constantly heading into them for about five minutes. When they come out, you'll see them parade right up the stairs and sit down to feed their empty and holy soul with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.

Dude, we are as proud as peacocks of the Man hanging on the Cross whose sacrificial death left us these Sacraments.

Carol McKinley said...


Nobody is disputing that there are dedicated and fabulous teachers and students at Sacred Heart.

That is a conversation for another day. What we're talking about now is an article that was written and approved of by the principal that has spiritually misled 400 students about what we do when we feel like responding to sinful urges.

Frankly, I don't know where your indignation is coming from because they used a heinous and sadistic pedophile to undermine the Sacraments of the Catholic Church and I have death threats and vulgar behavior from quite a large number of people saying they're Sacred Heart students.

I find your assertions that I have some kind of thoughtful posts from these folks that I'm failing to publish, breathtaking in light of what you can clearly see is anti-Catholic bullying that I am going to put out of it's misery.

Perhaps you've been in the cavern with Our Lady, so please allow me to divulge why "certain people pay more attention to me".

You see, our religion has been hijacked for the last 40 years and an entire generation of Catholics has been poorly formed because of the dissent.

During this period of 40 years, devout Catholics tried writing, calling, having charitable and lucid conversations about weeding out dissent and teaching our children right actions from wrong ones and how the wrong ones must lead to the Sacrament of Confession. We tried pleading and begging. Heck, we even tried persuading them with what they care about the most, money.

But, you see, like parents of children who were being rape know, when you approach them with Civil and Canon law and in charity, they take you for a fool whom they can silence.

The only thing that works is ruthless scandal and litigation.

They are busy creating a "policy" for the dissenting Catholics they have handed every Catholic educational facility, apostolate, ministry and school over to where they can furnish the children with false compassion with looney articles like the one in the Heartbeat that make practicing Catholics out to be hateful and homophobic thereby inspiring the kind of conduct you see in these threads against us.

I'm not saying they did it purposely, but if the article was about an allegation that the Catholic religion was synonymous with anti-semitism, it would spark rage. There would be victims of that rage. Alas, misinformation in the Heartbeat article has brought about death threats.

But, by the Christ, they are going to be held accountable.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Carol McKinley said...

We are finished with charitable conversation and we are resorting here to what works. Frankly, pointing out that Sacred Heart ought to do a series about the sexual sinners in their closets was brilliant for there is nowhere for them to go with it.

We were done with civility when the Cardinal signed a contract to kill children of the poor with abortion contractors he signed up so his bank account could profit. Then, he lied about in the public square.

Sadly, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Carol McKinley said...


Morals and ethics that Catholics evangelize is not very welcomed these days. Look around you'll see obituaries about the Catholic Church dying everywhere.

We're not going to let Catholic education and institutions be a stratosphere where people come out of the closet to whine about how uncomfortable the ethics we need to teach the next generation are making them.

You don't like them, don't let the door hit you on the backside on the way out the door. We're rising to take our education back for the next generation so buckle up.

Sadly, just like when the Nazis tried to eradicate the Jews, the Bishops are under their beds. However, we are not going down easy. This is the religion of 2000 years of martyrdom. Death threats, Schmeat threats. I've got the IP addresses and the people responsible may soon be seeing the back of a police cruiser!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling threatened by some people. Are they comments on this blog or personal emails?

I tried looking on your other articles for these threats, and while I've seen many vile and cruel insults, very few/no tangible threats.

What have they been saying to you?

Carol McKinley said...

It would be silly to disclose details that I have not already made public at this juncture. However, if you read the disgraceful thread about the pedophile Sacred Heart used to persuade children to carry out desires that shut the door to their own salvation, you can see that it says the world would be a better place without me. The poster went to my profile to find out more information about where I live, went and did some diligence through google about my address and then posted it with the threat that said "see you soon" to let me know my life and home, children or possessions were in danger.

If you don't take that as a threat lady, you are swimming in a river of denial.

Anonymous said...

Will someone answer my question, please?

Is this the Convent of the Sacred Heart?


P.S. Carol, you are quite right. Time to put away the feather and come out fighting.

Church Militant Unite!!!

Carol McKinley said...

Thankfully, there is a limited universe of people to investigate. An anonymous source who has been following the controversy has informed me that the identity of the commenters includes people who wrote for and were involved in producing the Heartbeat at Sacred Heart.

I have the recording of IP addresses along with what kind of system their computer is and the time they posted in the comment section - all of which leaves a pretty decent imprint.

I have asked the school and those familiar with the identities of these characters to produce this list. Thus far, I've not had much luck. I've asked the Bishop, the archdiocescan attorneys and Mary Grassa O'Neil to intercede on my behalf to get this list of students. Grassa O'Neil by the way has not returned my phone call. One of the first questions I'm going to ask is how long it took her to call the mother at St. Paul's because I've very interested in that timing.

Zeroing in on the staff of the Heartbeat and finding out the identity of the persons who were profiled in the story and then comparing it to the information recorded by this website I think is going to lead us right to the person. (However, there are other trails.)

At the very least, there needs to be a restraining order.

If something happens to me, my children, my home a little on down the road, I want the police to have the identity of this person on record.

BTW - - Happy Father's Day to those reading today.

Carol McKinley said...

Veronica, no -- I'm sorry! I thought you were being sarcastic.

It's a Catholic high school between Boston and the Cape.

I love your comparison to this all making the 60s look good.

You said it!

Carol McKinley said...

By the way, once again a commenter wants to know why I'm not posting their comment and I'm responding here publicly.


Because your assertions are loaded with misinformation. For instance, while I absolutely applaud whoever printed out my post and brought it to the school to inform parents, staff and students of the spiritual misfeasance, I have absolutely no knowledge about who did it. Therefore, I did not "send" them. That was a free act and will of whoever did it and kudos to them.

I'm not publishing comments that contain misinformation or supports the work of the mega-pedophile Kinsey.

Anonymous said...

Sacred Heart has NOTHING over Archie's. Having celebrated Mass at both, I can tell you that while Sacred Heart is a problem, Archbishop Williams as a Catholic school is almost unrecognizable. Sorry I can't leave my name, but I fear that I will be tagged as a troublemaker by Card. Sean and the rest of his cronies.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering which school IS a good school environment for practicing Catholics. I am Catholic and as part of my job I inspect schools around the area, and as a result of which I have been to nearly every Catholic school in Massachusetts. The religious community at Sacred Heart flourishes much more than in most other Catholic schools in the area. I understand where you are coming from but without any comparison your argument just seems completely off base and I find it a shame that you would have parents withhold their children from attending Sacred Heart in favor of attending a school that is most probably a worse environment for practicing Catholics.

Carol McKinley said...

Perhaps you don't realize it - but your post gives readers the impression that leaving the deposit of faith for the next generation is about visiting schools to make recommendations about which apostacies can do the least about of damage to salvation.

The principal in question has charted a course that obliterates the path to salvation for the 700 children who read the article. It is impossible to attempt to measure what damage he has done spiritually. He has driven a wedge in between every parent teaching the authentic faith at home. Last I spoke to him a few weeks ago, he did not regret publishing the article.

I simply don't understand your passive approach to the errors that have sent an entire generation of children on the road to Gehanna.

When you visit schools, take note of what errors they are teaching and have a conversation with them about it. If they do not listen, report it to the Church and make clear your expectation that these errors will be corrected. If don't listen to the Church, treat them like a pagan and report the problem to the public so that the children are not spiritually poisoned.

The time for the passive acceptance of having our children pacified with heresy by Bishops, priests, principals has passed.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. I find it interesting that you post an inflammatory article about student writing, target individuals specifically, call for the termination of teachers and then you are shocked that juveniles (or parents or educators) take it personally.

It also seems interesting that you only seem to post responses that you feel as though you can effectively answer.

You clearly did not miss your calling. A journalist you are not.

Don't get me wrong -- I am not advocating the inappropriate remarks a *potential* student may have sent you, but you are playing an unfair game of target practice with the same "impressionable" children you claim are "poisoned."

You've angered generations of students with your opinions and then posted them on the internet! What did you expect?

I appreciate your need for attention (which is clearly what this is), but if you truly felt this way you would have found a solution or refused to engage students on this matter. The fact that neither of these have occurred (at least accordingly to your posts) leads me to believe that protecting Catholic teaching isn't really your motive.

By the way, dressing up dogs in habits is about as sacrilegious as it comes. I am not even Catholic, but as someone who respects the religion immensely I find that to be more than offensive.

Carol McKinley said...


Dressing up dogs in habits is 'sacrilege' you find more offensive than having numerous children come to the teachers and principal of a Catholic school saying they are sexed up and feel oppressed because they want their booty calls to be out in the open at Sacred Heart - and, instead of spiritually and psychologically caring for those promiscuous children, they publish spiritual tripe for thousands of children (including the alumni as you rightly point out) to read and get spiritually confused about?

Do I understand you correctly?

Dressing dogs up like nuns is sacrilege to you but the Catholic children whose souls are receptacles and tabernacles for the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity being seduced doesn't bother you in the least.

Lady, we are not living in the same world for sure. No further commentary on your other assertions is necessary