Thursday, June 3, 2010

Story Developing on a Money Grab at Boston CatholicTV (BCTV)?

For the past few months, several sources have been alerting Catholic activists to Boston Archdiocesan Chancellor Jim McDonough's attempts to grab money out of the coffers of Boston Catholic TV to cover the bad debts of the Archdiocese.

I'm digressing here..but have I mentioned the Archdiocese spends close to 7 million a year keeping closed parishes open for the wingnut squatters who are "in vigil" holding bogus ceremonies and faking sacraments?!!  Seven million!   They were trying to claim the buildings were still being used for a 'non-profit' purpose to avoid paying taxes.  Call this a hunch, but now that the towns are removing the non-profit status of the buildings and they have to pay taxes, the crazies are going to get the bums rush?

Anyhoo, the structure of Boston Catholic Television is a totally separate entity that leaves no way for the Chancellor to mingle the money.   And, BCTV has a huge boodle of cash (and always has) that is generated by fundraising and endowments, etc.

Our sources have been telling us the fight for the cash has been heating up in the last several weeks.  Though there is no way to verify the story, I have heard from enough sources to feel comfortable enough to send out an Amber Alert to those of us watching and exposing the corrupt takeover of Catholic Church in Boston to "follow the money" at BCTV.

Today, an email was sent to several Boston Catholics from an anonymous source which I will just share in its entirety:

There will be a board meeting of CatholicTV on June 17.  CatholicTV is an independent non-profit corporation, not financially controlled by the Archdiocese of Boston.  Jack Connors, Neil Finnegan, Jim McDonough, and a group of their cronies have told O'Malley that the statutes of CatholicTV must be legally changed to put it under the financial control of the Archdiocese.  Their take-over is to be pushed through the CatholicTV board on June 17.  Father Reed and the CatholicTV leadership are dead-set against this, but are afraid they will be forced.

I'm not sure the reason for the demanded change - presumably so McDonough and company will be able to take or borrow from CatholicTV's extensive savings.  Perhaps to fund the Archdiocese's new development office that is under Connors' control.  (To keep on S**t Landry and his crew in their new secretariat, new income is needed.)

McDonough has once again threatened to quit if O'Malley does not make this change, which is what he successfully did in the removal of S**t Landry from the development job.

BTW - this is the first any of us heard that Jim McDonough bartered to have Mr. L**dry removed with the Cardinal by using threats to quit, but he was(and is) indeed deeply involved in (as in people are making the snowballs under the radar and he is firing them) the coup of the Archdiocese.

We are trying to get more details about this and will update the story as soon as we have them.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since BCTV started promoting the Concord Pastor -- aka Fr. Austin Fleming -- I've stopped supporting them. Who cares?