Monday, July 12, 2010

Cerebus, Hades and the Archdiocese of Boston

American Life League on the Dismantling of Catholic Hospital and Conscience Protections in Boston

Judie Brown and the American Life League has done some diligence on the deal the Archdiocese is trying to make with Three Headed Monster Guarding the Gates of Hell to prevent escape.

Not only that, but we have learned, “The sale agreement requires the new management to continue adhering to Catholic moral principles in its medical procedures. However the new ownership has the option to terminate that aspect of the agreement by paying an addition[al] $25 million to an approved archdiocesan charity, if it finds that adherence to Catholic moral standards has become ‘unlawful or materially burdensome.’”

But we already know that adherence to Catholic moral standards is unlawful for any hospital that participates in the Massachusetts universal health care insurance program (the model for ObamaCare), because the program requires participants to provide abortion, contraception, sterilization, etc. In fact, the archdiocese’s inability to participate in the Massachusetts program is precisely the reason why Caritas is unprofitable and is being sold. So the termination of Catholic standards is inevitable. Why the charade to mislead the public that Caritas will remain Catholic?

Even before the formal termination of Catholic standards, adherence to those standards by the new owners will be questionable. We followed up on this and found the “Stewardship Agreement” that has been filed with the state of Massachusetts. One section (4.4) addresses the establishment of “ethics committees.” It is clear from the document that even though the Archdiocese of Boston is tossed the bone of being able to appoint an ethicist, the owner of the hospital will actually be paying this “ethicist” by reimbursing the archdiocese. So whose ethicist will contribute to discussions? This is a dangerous situation in view of the new health care reform law which encourages rationing and other forms of euthanasia.

Is the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades now poised to devour the Archdiocese of Boston’s hospital system? The evil one’s traps are always cleverly appealing

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Ms Shawn Adams said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I was just doing a little searching about Cerebus because I know nothing about it. Last weekend when Obama was in W. Newton at the current head of Caritas' home, I learned of a 700k or so donation presented to Obama from the hospital group. After going on the Cerebus website, I see that they represent risk management and the interests of the insurer and NOT those of the insured. Also, Cerebus has and is purchasing controling portions of Chrysler and of GMAC Finance. So, now Cerebus will be benefiting from the taxpayer bailouts and from taxpayer funded abortions. First, Catholic Charities was forced out of the adoption "business" by conscience, now the vulnerable will further suffer through this, in my opinion, nefarious deal.

God bless you for pointing out the blatant and glaring ethics problem. I am with YOU...Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!