Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cronyism in the Boston Archdiocese

I must say that even I am blown away by the cronyism in the Archdiocese of Boston being unraveled by our friends at Boston Catholic Insider.

Jim McDonough and Ann Carter (formerly of Abington Savings) have stacked the Chancery with bank tellers and other former bank employees who have bupkis in the way of Catholic credentials or experience in the roles they were given.

What is McDonough's head bank teller doing as the Cardinal's Executive Secretary?   It' a fairly high-level admin job that would require a seasoned executive secretary and Catholic.

And, according to last night's weekly Boston Catholic blogger conference call, there is more to come.

Between the fiefdoms of Jack Connors and McDonough, it would be one heck of a power point presentation to put together how their cronies helicopter from one of their fiefdoms to the other.  

Don't these people have to sign a conflict of interest policy?

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