Saturday, July 10, 2010

"I Like My Faith in Purple" - 'Scuze Me While I Kiss the Sky

There is some discussion over at "The Deacon's Bench" about an article in the Boston Globe written by some poor Catholic Grinch and " good friend of Walter Cuenin's".

I've never crossed the threshold of "The Deacon's Bench" but here's how he opens this article filled with malice for Christ's Church,teachings, Sacraments and Redemption.

It's a question that people are asking more and more: with all the problems today, why stay Catholic?

Here's part of one man's long answer, from the Sunday magazine of the Boston Globe

The article describes Cuenin's embezzling activities at Our Lady's as some kind of a difference in bookeeping the archdiocese disapproved of.

I posted a comment about what a kind way it was to describe embezzlement, which was taken down.

Apparently, pointing out Cuenin was caught stealing upset the algorithm of the Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze they had going on.

Another poster tries to make the claim that everyone knew and approved of Cuenin's misuse of parish funds to fatten his own wallet and so calling it embezzling is "calumny".

Commenter "Chris" points out what is painfully obvious -- conning people into the misuse of funds that belong to the poor and Christ's Church doesn't change the fact that it is stealing.

I responded in the comments section with the following:

Let me see if I can say this another way.

Nobody here would have any problem if Nancy Pelosi was persuading the crew of AirForce One to be at her disposal to give her rides wherever she wanted to go.

Call it whatever you will, it is stealing from the people and there is nothing calumnious about saying it.

Fr. Cuenin knew he had no entitlement to funds to pay for his car and other gratuitous widgets and services he was convincing the parish to pay for for him.

I'm sorry but this entire article is filled with errors and heresies. The author actually mentions Richard McBrien along with his "good friend" Walter Cuenin. He talks about how Cuenin told him buddist and lutheran religion are every bit as redemptive as the religion Christ initiated. He comes right out and says he is an anti-Catholic Catholic.

He claims the teaching authority of the Church is "dependent wholly on the primacy of my individual conscience" - This is simply not true.

We have a duty to inform our consciences with the teachings of the Church - rejecting those teachings and then carrying out sinful expressions of those rejections are acts that obstruct our salvation. As a member of the faithful and a mother, it is very upsetting to read these contortions of the faith knowing people will be tricked by them. It is clearly a thesis of "reform" on the teachings of human sexuality, contraception and birth control.

He has a quote from Madison that likened the fruit of Jesus Christ's Church to that of superstitious bigots.

He quotes a trustee of the dissenting group Voice of the Faithful - “I have my own theology. I do have a doctorate in philosophy and I’ve done a lot of my own reading. I think it’s an ongoing process by anyone who really thinks, especially in our country, with our emphasis on political democracy and a tradition of questioning authority.” ''

In another reference from Madison, he talks about severing religion and God from this great nation and the governing of the people.

He goes on to say Peter was not a Pope nor was he a priest. He encourages people to ignore the Pope, the encyclicals, the teaching authority of the Church and he says nobody can tell you these rejections are not Catholic.

After spending years twisting the teachings of the Church, this piece is now discouraging others from staying on board Christ's One Holy and Apostolic Church where the Sacraments and Body and Blood of Christ flows in a river for the purposes of our salvation.

The faith is "inside of us", he says. The faith is not in a "building" (where Christ's Heart and Blood reside) or "institution" (where every drop of blood from the beatings He endured was for the purpose of leaving us the teachings of the deposit of faith).

Buddism is coming for you all and the sky is purple.

Get it?

Purple haze all in my brain
lately things don't seem the same
Acting funny and i don't know why
excuse me while i kiss the sky

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone from the archdiocese were to respond to this article in public, to explain the heretical and dissenting views of the author and what the church actually teaches. Do you think, Carol, that any priests you know will take up that challenge, or will this go unanswered?