Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MCFL Clarifies the Tim Cahill "Confusion" (It's as clear as mud)

MCFL has clarified their endorsement of Tim Cahill.

It got a little closer to the truth - but no cigar. And, it is too little, too late.

In yesterday's Globe, Madeline McCormish revealed that she 'interviewed' Tim Cahill on his positions on the sanctity of life and the question on whether he supports life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death, never came up.

You'll remember that MCFL took their doctored-up questionnaire, painted Cahill as 'an outstanding advocate of the unborn' and a candidate who holds prolife positions in every aspect of our mission.  

You'll remember that MCFL tried to claim their PAC was not MCFL - which they continue to do today:

The State PAC has asked us to share with you this statement of theirs

"There has been some confusion regarding the endorsement of Tim Cahill by the MCFL State PAC. The PAC endorsed the Cahill-Loscocco ticket because the ticket is the best choice to advance the pro-life cause.

Tim Cahill made clear in two different meetings with the PAC that, while he believes that Roe is settled law," 

This puts to rest any of Madeline McCormish's pretense that it was news to her that Cahill is supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's "right" to kill an unborn child.

MCFL goes on to say, that when it comes to legislation that is not in play in Massachusetts, Other than sucking the limbs off of babies unto death, which he firmly believes in,  should pigs fly and the Massachusetts legislature ever turn prolife and roll laws across his desk, he will get right on it.  

In a call yesterday with a Massachusetts prolife leader, we chatted about MCFL's history for the last couple of decades.   MCFL has been going the route of supporting proabortion politicians by spinning and covering up their proabortion convictions and telling us they are making incremental advances.

Will somebody please take an inventory of what we have up at the State House and tell me show me the gains we have made?

This tack has done nothing but turn over the unborn to the culture of death, incrementally.

Within two minutes on the call with this Mass prolife leader we came up with a list of politicians MCFL helped elect who then made laws and policies that turned Massachusetts into what it is as we speak.

Bob Ambler, Bill Delahunt, Joe Malone, Ed Markey, Dan Daley, Marian Walsh, Tom Finneran, Joe Moakley, Steve Lynch, Mitt Romney, Scott Brown.  Though Ray Flynn never repudiated our mission, he did work for and with proaborts who advanced the culture of death.

All of these politicians, whom MCFL supported and helped elect by claiming they were 'prolife' eventually turned around and screwed us because they were never prolife to begin with.

If there is any prolifer who can look around in Massachusetts and convince themselves pretending proabortion politicians will be outstanding advocates for the unborn and getting out the vote for them has made Massachusetts a more friendly place for the unborn in the last twenty years, you are swimming in a river of denial and I cannot help you.

In Massachusetts, the race for governor is anathema.  The State House is fill to the rafters with proabortion politicians MCFL helped elect.  Legislation will never reach his desk.  It is not and should never have been anything more than a recommendation based upon who is the better of the proaborts.   

No pride should ever be involved in endorsing a proabort.

For those of us who recognize there has to be a new game in town, new leadership in MCFL, new vision and a new determination to 'get out 100,000 people' for prolife candidates (and there are some in the race for November), this clarification of the dishonesty is meaningless.  

In case I have not been clear,Carol has asked me to share this statement of hers.

Here is how to 'incrementally' start to dig ourselves out of this hole in Massachusetts and help the unborn: 

We need leaders who reserve the use of our political power, resources and ground troops to elect "prolifers".     And, when the word "prolifer" is used, it is to be reserved for candidates who believe that life is sanctified from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.   There needs to be no more compromise and no more lying and no more getting out the vote or using an ounce of energy for anyone who does not meet this litmus test.


BooBerryMan said...

I think its crucial to point out that in some cases there is a significant issue with endorsing pro-life politicians. Especially in this state, there is not always a political candidate who is decidedly pro-life. For lack of better term, it comes to "which of these is the lesser of two evils?"

In the case of MCFL's recent endorsement, it is clear that they are attempting to take the least pro-choice candidate (or the one who is closest on the political spectrum to MCFL).

They do this in order to preserve their political viability. In other words, If MCFL really truly endorses only politicians who are EXPLICITLY pro-life....there will be no one to endorse. To maintain the political influence that they have, and to ensure the survival of a viable group dedicated to pro-life causes in Boston, MCFL MUST endorse a political candidate. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Boston;s demographic and history, that candidate most often ends up being one who is not explicitly pro life.

Endorsing a candidate who can support the growth of the pro-life movement in any way, shape, or form is a better option than not endorsing anyone at all.....

Jerry said...

Sounds nice, Boo, but the only problem is that it don't work. Keeping in the fray, voting for the less pro-abort pol simply supports the continual leftward drift. Gradualism is how we got here. It is the devil's (Hegel's) method.

On my more cynical days, I categorize the big pro-life groups, MCFL, NRTL, as enemy psy-ops designed to contain the conservative opposition. And most days, I'm cynical.

I won't vote for Cahill, and didn't vote for Brown. I did vote against Hussein because he's a agitprop for the racist demolition squads.