Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest and the Micks on the Make in the Archdiocese of Boston

If you ever suspected underhanded money laundering schemes for favors going on at the Boston Chancery, do not miss the most recent posts at BostonCatholicInsider.

And, the BCI bloggers tell me there is more to come on the nepotism and greasing of palms between all the characters at the Boston Chancery.

Lord Have Mercy!!!

Is it any wonder there is a gag order on the teachings of the Church as they send forth pied piper David Thorp to bring in more wallets?

With all their amazing ingenuity on how to set themselves up to line their own pockets with cash being posted to Boston Catholic Insider, isn't half past time Cardinal O'Malley called up the Vatican to get Jim McDonough, Rasky and Jack Connors some kind of an honor at some dicastry?

Call this a hunch, but I think they've run out of good will and favors from the National Catholic Bioethics Center so I don't think you'll be seeing them rushed in to do a report on how ethical it all is.

At the very LEAST, the situation merits a post and a couple of dozen pictures of themselves on Cardinal Sean's blog on what an asset they all are up at the Pastoral Center.


Anonymous said...

"Don't worry God has plenty of money." - Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

Marie Antionette said...

Or as the privileged at the Pastoral Center love to say "Let them eat cake".

Jerry said...

Can't Buy Me Love
by John-Paul

I'll buy your abortion ring, my friend,
if it makes you feel alright.
I'll get you a chancery, my friend,
if it makes you feel alright.
But I don't care too much for money;
Money can't buy me love.

PS. I sent the BCI link to Howie Carr. He loves conflict-of-interest stories.

Anonymous said...


I see you are a man of many talents!!


violinist said...

I found myself singing this ditty!

Anonymous said...


Were you aware that Channel 2 did a report on Catholics Come Home last night? It's covered on Patrick Madrid's blog:

Have any comments you'd care to share?


Carol McKinley said...


I'm a fan of Patrick Madrid's and I have several friends in other parts of the county who tell me Catholics Come Home has brought some friends and relatives back to the House of the Lord.

I have several people in mind who are disaffected that I hope responds positively to the program. What fool would not want to see people coming back to Catholicism?

The Vatican has thrown a bandaid on the problem here in Boston. The people in place are more corrupt and untrustworhy than any other period in the history of the Archdiocese. It is a foundation on sand. It is incumbent upon we who know to cry out for truth and justice.

The Catholics Come Home program here in Boston is in the control of Obama's katholic cronies. Forgive me if I excuse myself from the thought process that Catholicss Come Home to Fr. Hehir, Fleming and other priests leading souls into sexual and moral evil is the same as what Patrick Madrid has in mind.

These are my thoughts.