Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Crazy Goings On at the Boston Archdiocese

A post at Bryan Hehir Exposed today is a bit of a heartbreaker.   It shows how Fr. Erikson came to Boston with a good heart and good intentions.  Somewhere along the way he got sucked up into the cyclone and when the house landed in Oz, he was captured by creepy little monkeys and hauled off to the wicked witch's house where he remains under some kind of spell and is now screaming "I'll get you my little pretties" to faithful Catholics.

We simply highlight the aspirational statement by the Vicar General from 2006 when he started, and invite you to compare it vs the the recent actions.
Father Erikson said “I expect people to judge us [Archdiocesan officials] by our actions.”
People are now doing exactly that.


Speaking of such, today's Cronyism II post at Boston Catholic Insider is pretty incriminating on how Ann Carter and Jim McDonough have tossed out long-time diocesan employees to make room for their former colleagues at Abington Savings Bank.

There's so many former Abington Savings Bank employees, there's a contest to re-name the Archdiocese with some fun submissions:

Here's mine:

Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Pastoral Center.

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