Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wallets Come Home

Did everyone see today's Boston Globe article on the archdiocese "come home" program?

The article seems to indicate what happened to "Arise".   

“Each time we go to Mass. . . . the pews seem emptier and emptier,’’ said Janet Benestad, secretary for faith formation and evangelization at the archdiocese. 

The diocese is down to 286,951 active Catholics.  

No flies on these two:

“Outreach on their part is a great thing to do, but I’ve seen too many times them say one thing and do another,’’ said Neal Correia, 45,

“This feels like gloss, like putting a coat of paint on a house that has fallen apart,’’ she said. “You have got to start with the very basics, rebuilding the trust with people.’’
Ya can't tell them!

Another wizard weighs in:

Thomas Groome, director of the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry at Boston College, praised the initiative, but he said that to succeed, the archdiocese will have to be willing to take back people who have concerns or disagreements with the church.

“I’m delighted that the Archdiocese of Boston is doing this; I do think we need to reach out to alienated Catholics,’’ he said. “But they have to be like the forgiving father in the story of the Prodigal Son and welcome them home unconditionally.’’
Translation:  When the wallets who have disagreements with the Church "come home", they will exit if they hear the teachings of the Church so keep the Magisterium silent.

The Prodigal's Father threw the son out of his house.  The Father had conditions for the son to stay in the house which the son did not want to meet.  The son moseyed on down the road.   Before long, the son repented of the whoring and boozing and "came home" to "meet the conditions" of the Father.     The Father was overjoyed because the son met the conditions.  His soul was transformed and he came home to God.

Don't worry though:

Evangelization is a major priority for Cardinal Se├ín P. O’Malley,

Yessiree. In fact, Bryan Hehir Exposed has more details of Cardinal Sean's priorities today.

There is a section around 8:00 in the youtube that demonstrates Fr. Hehir is tearing apart the Church with intent and executed strategy (rather than naivete like they are always claiming).

When speaking about women's ordination, he says:

“it is manageable — a matter of tactics — and it is not an overwhelming problem if we could “build consensus”.

That is the Cardinal's plan of evangelization - building dissent with consensus and he has the master of deception at the helm.

These folks are not interested in bringing Catholics "home" to Paradise. They're on a fishing expedition for wallets.

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