Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's News on the Jihad Mosque

Just when you think this big old world can't get any crazier, it appears that in a sanity contest between Barack Obama and NY Gov. David Paterson, Paterson is the saner of the two of them.

You heard me right. When it comes to honesty and sanity, Obama lags behind Paterson.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), who faces a tough re-election race this fall, issued a statement in which he declared support for moving the mosque to an alternate location.

Republicans -- particularly those looking at running for president in 2012 -- have hammered away at Obama and Democrats for insensitivity and ignoring the wishes of families of some of those killed in the attacks.

Last week, Paterson offered state assistance if the mosque's developers would agree to move the project farther from the site -- an idea they rejected. Paterson said that, while he had "no objection" to the project as planned, he was "very sensitive to the desire of those who are adamant against it to see something else worked out."

"I think it's rather clear that building a center there meets all the requirements, but it does seem to ignite an immense amount of anxiety among the citizens of New York and people everywhere, and I think not without cause," Paterson said at an Aug. 10 news conference in Manhattan, according to published reports. He noted that "we really are still suffering in many respects" from the Sept. 11 attacks.

Whooda thunkit?

In some ways, we are sure to get a lot of mileage out of this Obama blunder if they don't shuffle the "religion" (that grant's license to decapitate women and burns children alive on the whims of men) ten miles down the street and cleans up the doo doo before the November elections .

Pelosi added fuel to the fire by throwing her weight behind the jihad memorial a 'zoning issue'.

How long do you think society would let Catholics mutilate the genitalia of women and stone them to death and keep quiet about it?   Put up with a President who keeps quiet about it and calls out for tolerance and religious freedom?

You know, the principles this country was founded on.

This is a zoning issue folks.  A zoning issue.

A religion of peace.

As Cardinal O'Malley said, the issue is about " important symbols of how much we value religious freedom".

This is the same guy, mind you, who didn't bother reporting the True Relic of the Holy Cross was stolen for two weeks and didn't bother going up to retrieve It for more than a week after the police called them to say they recovered it.

The duplicity is staggering.

Even Barbara Boxer's camp had the sense to  distance themselves from Obama's intellectual dishonesty.

"We all support religious freedom -- I don't think that's what its about. I think it's now about the sensitivities of people who lost loved ones and honestly I think we ought to leave it up to the community of New York to work this through," Fiorina says in the blog.
 Who will have the decency to say that the Muslim religion is one where too many promote violence to Muslim women and children and jihad upon America.

In a country where we do not tolerate clerics who sweep rapes of children under the rug in the name of religion, we should have zero tolerance for clerics and Presidents who pretend the violence in the Muslim religion doesn't exist.

We need to raise a biggest stinerkoo this side of Boston Tea party if they think they're going to put a Muslim memorial over the graves of those who lost their lives on September 11th.


Marie Tremblay said...

Paul M sent me this item. Seems that Nancy Pelosi wants those who have opposed the ground zero mosque to be investigated.

New World Order.

Carol McKinley said...

Yeah. She's looking to see whose 'funding' the outrage.

Leave it to the folks whose every political act is prostitution somebody paid for to think like that.

It's foreign to Pelosi people who love their country and have respect for the dead wouldn't have to be paid to point out the disrespect the Muslims and Muslim in Chief Barack Hussein Obama are showing to the dead and our country.

As Gingrich said, it's as disrespectful as the Japanese trying to erect something a few feet from Pearl Harbor.

Obama also said today, he has absolutely no regrets about the statements he made supporting the Muslim Victory Monument.

I guess Obama has pretty much figured he's toast and so he might as well just be who he is and always was.