Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cardinal Sean's Blog (September 10, 2010) - Learning how to Quack

A few pictures from this week's blog entry by the Cardinal.

Many pictures of a duck tour in Boston.

"Of course, we all learned how to quack!" said the Cardinal

It is important to first say that taking a duck tour with friends and family is a healthy way to spend some down time.

The problem in Boston is the Cardinal has disengaged from his duties.  He is only alerted to what is going with people and things he is supposed to be supervising when he reads about it in the Boston Globe - such as the recent revelation that Landmark Hospital was not/is not (whichever the case may actually be in sound practice) going to be Catholic.

The administration actually governing the diocese has packed the Cardinal's schedule so tight with travels, pot luck dinners, swanky events and other ambassador obligations - this is what he is doing 24/7.  Meanwhile they take our faith, our priests, our Sacraments, our assets, pensions and our money by siege in the Chancery.

This is what makes the quackery on the Cardinal's blog so symbolic.  When was the last time you tuned in to read him evangelizing his people on any actual teaching of the Church?  How often has it been used to undermine people who are bringing errors to his attention?

We, the little people heavily rely on the right teachings of the Church to be promulgated, so that our consciences are rightly formed.   Without the proper formation, we can't recognize how our own rebellions separate us from God. We lost the ability and connection to the Sacraments.

Our situation has left us with no other option but to organize to 'take our religion back' from the direction the administrators the Cardinal has left in charge - i.e., the full execution of separating the Catholic religion from the Catechism and Rome.

 As those educated in the behind the scenes activities of Fr. Bryan Hehir well know, with the abdication of the duties of the appointed Cardinal, Hehir is the acting Cardinal.   We are at a crossroads of the Catholic religion in America - just as we were at the crossroads of the political governance of our country with the election of Obama. Fr. Hehir has been working with the DNC his entire life on this coup of the Church and Government.

Now is the time to rise to the occasion if we want our children to have access to the authentic faith and the Sacraments.

One other photograph on the Cardinal's blog I'd like to call to the attention of priests reading regarding the spiritual and pastoral care of the flock:

Re:  The Matter being help up for Adoration

All of us here in Boston whose faith in the path to salvation somehow managed to survive our own rebellion of the guidance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church  -  we are a people who you really have to consider to be spiritually traumatized.  

None of us or our children have heard truths that stir our consciences from the pulpit for an entire generation.  Our children are at the wiles of the wolves because of it.  The Sacrament of Confession is ultimately gone from almost every parish.  Our liturgies have been trampled with illicit, invalid and disrespectful conduct.

The concerns of Catholics glued to the Catholic Church because of the Sacraments which we consider our only path to salvation,  have been pooh-pooed.

For example, take what's happening at the Paulist Center, a Catholic Church in downtown Boston led by priests who reject the truths of the Church, leading disaffected Catholics to celebrate their rejection along with them. At the Paulist Center, the women in the Church are 'baking' the bread used for matter in their Sacrifices of the Holy Mass.

We know women doing the baking who have divulged the ingredients to us.   They are not just using wheat and water, they are adding spices, honey and other things that invalidate the matter for the Sacrifice.

It is very upsetting to Sacramental Catholics to see other Catholics being hoodwinked and tricked and Our Lord's Sacrifice exploited.   We reported it numerous times to the Cardinal.  He has done nothing about it.

So, each time we go to a Mass and see a priest lifting what looks like pita bread, we do not know whether this was prepared with valid matter.  What we do know is that when people reported the errors in other situations, this grave error was not attended to.    The Cardinal does not care whether Catholics are getting valid matter or we are not.  Do you realize how scandalous this is?  The Cardinal does not care whether his people are receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.    This situation has left us with the understanding that when we see something questionable, there is no way to know whether the Host lifted has been prepared by people who put distributing our Lord's actual Body and Blood paramount in the ingredients or whether they have they have their own agenda to make it taste better.

 Therefore, we do not approach the Sacrifice and you will never see us again.   Our perception is, if you acquiesce to the demands of women who will invalidate the Mass, ultimately leaving the flock robbed of receiving Christ, what else would we possibly want to go there for?  The most important thing in the world to us was exploited right in front of our eyes.

This is a consequence of the circumstances we are in.

Similarly, because of the circumstances we are in, priests now have the propensity to stay away from situation where they would be alone with teenagers.    Even though most circumstances are innocent, you don't take the chance.

This is the same with us with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.

Please  try to understand where we have been and where you need to be in terms of scandalizing the Liturgy to please a few women with their own agendas.

Further, to Sacramental people who have survived, every microscopic particle of Our Lord's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity has the power to save every soul in Christendom.

There is simply no way to control the breakage and crumbs that scatter about in 'pita' bread style matter.    Particles of Christ are all over the Sacrificial Altar and will be thrown into the laundry.   Particles will fall from every hand you place Christ into.  He is all over the floor and will be trampled by shoes and vacuumed into a bag with dirt.

Pastoral care of people who can see and know what is actually taking place has got to be very carefully considered if you want sacramental people to be in your pews.  I presume you do because we are a powerful spiritual resource to bolster and protect your vocations.

Baking matter in a controlled environment was okay when Christ was delivered to us through the hands of a priest and directly onto our tongue with a plate underneath our mouths for particles of Christ that fell.

It can not be used under the circumstances we are living in today.  The disregard for knowing what is happening to the particles of our salvation is scandalous to us.

Though this may seem extreme to you, the beauty of being 'pastoral' is that you do not have to understand this or even agree with it - you just have to be knowledgeable about where we have been and what is necessary to avoid scandaling us.  Just as we want to recognize that you too have been through the mill and we want to be pastoral to you.

Help us and we will help you.

We can have unity if we do this.

Sacramental people will not unify with scandaling our Lord and the exploitation of souls relying us to get them on the path to salvation.   It is the antithesis of our baptismal promises.

This is what the Cardinal and the people he has left to distribute the temporal goods of the Church have complete disregard for:  We are not going to bring our children into unity with the antithesis of the Catholic religion.

We will not do it and we will continue to divulge what is going on inside of that Chancery while they have the Cardinal off learning how to quack.

Come what may.

And, to the folks in the Chancery - Bring on brothers, but know this:  you better get yourselves in front of the Blessed Sacrament before you give your consent to the lackeys operating the ship to execute a formal persecution.   You better test the wind that is in your sails before you go on that journey.    Because from this side of the ship, we are feeling the wind too and I would caution you to do some serious soul searching least you find yourself up against something you did not expect.

Finally, readers, I wanted to point out the thread here at Boston Catholic Insider.  Please take the time to read through the post and the excellent comments posted to the thread.

Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack, quack.



Anonymous said...

The old story of the advantage (or disadvantage) of becoming a bishop: You'll never get a bad meal or bad news.

kilkieran said...

Thanks Carol. "Cardinal Sean's Blog" is an exercise in public relations.

We asked for bread and you gave us? Madison Avenue.

The irregularities (I'm being generous) at the Paulist Center have plagued the Archdiocese for more than a generation. Nothing is ever done.

Phil Lawler writes in his book about the Archdiocese, that when he, an employee of the Archdiocese, brought liturgical abuse to the attention of Cardinal Law, the matter was laughed off by the Cardinal.

We are seeing the results of clerics who have embraced the "spirit of the world". They may reject the consumerist values of the world, but they have embraced something even more dangerous, the ideologies and conceits of worldly elites.

patrick j walsh said...

Does our alleged Cardinal really believe anything?

It seems he is masquerading as a

His blog is just self promotion.

Instead of speaking truth to an
unbelieving world he conforms to
it as if the Church were just a
secular business.

Thank you Carol for keeping watch
for the lost sheep.

Jack O'Malley said...

Excellent bit of catching up the cardinal in his hypocrisy, Carol.

And I am inclined to wonder if that purportedly whole wheat pizza that he is lofting above his head is actually a consecrated Host. These post-V2 clerics must at all times be doubted until their vera fides is established. In O'Malley's case there is doubt. Much doubt. But that is the legacy of Bernie Law, the current "archpriest" of Santa Maria Maggiore, a papal basilica! The Scandal endures.

And O'Malley has his animals confused. He needs his sheep to bleet as they are led to be fleeced not his ducks to quack.

Keep up the good work. It's the work of the Good Lord that you and your fellow bloggers are doing.

Anonymous said...

Carol, are you claiming that the Cardinal has used invalid matter during the consecration?

Carol McKinley said...

Thank you for posting the question - I thought I was clear and would not want to leave the impression that I was suggesting the Cardinal used invalid matter.

It is perfectly valid to use a freshly baked bread made of wheat and water. Only wheat and water.

I was not making a judgment on the validity. I was stating that in previous situations when he knows a Church is using invalid matter, he has not corrected the error after asking him to do so numerous times.

The foregone conclusion is, he did not care and does not care what kind of matter is being used and therefore nobody can or should make a judgment in Boston about whether pita-looking bread held up before them is valid. Unless, of course, they have intimate knowledge of how it was made.

Perhaps he made sure the matter was valid for his own consumption. Our concerns are about the flock.

Sacramental and faithful Catholics in Boston are enemies of Cardinal O'Malley's regime.

You can't do nothing about the scandal of invalid Sacrifice of the Mass or insist your priests molest the minds of children and put them at risk for every pervert in town and expect Sacramental Catholics to 'unite' with you. We are incapable.

The disrespect for the crumbs and particles of Christ that fall all over the floor and wind u- being trampled by shoes, vacuumed up and thrown into washing machines does however apply to the situation.

If I'm unclear in the answer, I hope you post a follow-up question.

Carol McKinley said...


There are some Catholics who seem to be satisfied that the Cardinal himself is faithful to doctrine.

This of course IS good.

But the Cardinal has appointed unfaithful people to teach the flock and everyone with family, friends and children being scandalized and led astray - and who cares about the salvation of these people--we find it impossible to find comfort in the Cardinal's personal practice of his faith.

To us, it is like he holds the keys to the kingdom for himself but for the flock, he has set up the wolves to mislead.

Anonymous said...

If the Cardinal knowingly offered the Mass with invalid matter it is sacrilege. This would probably have been enough to push me into the sedevacantist abyss.

Carol McKinley said...

I remember a time I despaired and wondered about what I was seeing.

Things are bad. Do yourself a favor and make a commitment to Christ to stay by His side in the Garden of Gethsemene.

Christ has many friens at the ressurection. Few at the cross. We need faithful people as a witness.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Jack, Patrick for your support!

Anonymous said...


Carol McKinley said...

Father, nobody here would disagree with that. We in fact, lift him up at least every Sunday at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when he is mentioned by name.

He has a terrible burden managing this archdiocese and he has our prayers.

He does not have the gifts or courage it takes to manage this diocese. Exposing what is happening is not the antithesis of spirituality that is honorable. Those of us who want the faith for our children and their children have a job to do. In the Cardinal's absence, the folks in the Chancery are setting up a false church and this is only the first set up in the country. This structure is being set up to spread across our country.

I am appreciative of your reminder to keep the Cardinal in our prayers because sometimes, we do forget to add that to our daily regime as we do our work. But we do not want to leave anyone with the impression that what I am doing and what others are doing is not the fruit of prayer and righteous.

This Cardinal knows he is in over his head and right up until the time he took an assignment to set up Ireland with the same mess he has set up here, the faithful were laying low.

Anyone in their right mind who knew they were in over their heads in their own diocese would reveal the state of affairs and decline to take up a second diocese.

We will pray away but the corruption is not going to be tolerated any longer by the faithful and I really am not going to tolerate anyone trying to make us fee guilty about what we are doing. That is the fruit of a sick cult culture.

Love you.

Carol McKinley said...


One thing about a carrying out the whistleblower policy that the Archdiocese has refused (and is now incapable) of carrying out - you get to see exactly how much victimization is going on. I can't begin to tell you how outrageous the Cardinal's regime actually is. I and many other lay people are not going to carry silence about it to our day of judgment.