Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deal Hudson can't stop laughing after reading NCR

Deal has a good laugh over NCR boo-hooing over the drying up of money to fund Catholics in Alliance for the Common Hoods.  

I should think Catholic conservatives with money would be desperate enough this election to fund leaders who can build momentum and move the grassroots.  We shall see.

I had a good laugh too reading about Catholics United and Catholic Democrats putting their eggs in the social justice basket for the next election.


I've got my finger in the air and I'd say getting voters behind the meme of 'giving free stuff to people who don't work for it' is poor strategy for this election.   Gee, if they parade around Obama we may not have to do any work at all getting our people elected.

You know the woman with no experience in Delaware who just recently got her bachelor's degree that Sarah Palin endorsed?

She won. So much for those trying to paint the tea party as the GOP with a mask on.

If the GOP wants to be in the game at all, they better make some phone calls to the grassroots to vet their candidates and weed out the lightening rods.    If they send us another round of proabort miraculous makeovers, they are toast.

Get it?  We don't care if a candidate is democrat or republican.  We never did.  In fact most Catholics who unenrolled in the  democratic party  did so with a heavy heart.

The GOP is going to go the way of the whigs if they dont smarten up fast.    The people with the money are no longer in control.  Makeovers of people like Romney who spend their time working against prolife Catholics are no longer acceptable.   The republicans cannot win without prolife Catholics.

We got off the bus and we will not get on until you advance candidates who are with our program.  A mess has been made of our country.

Perry also won.

Our write-in candidate for AG - Jim McKenna got more than enough votes to get on the ballot in November.

What pro-lifers have to realize is, we don't need the GOP.   We can write in our own candidates and vote them onto the ballots in November and then vote them in.

This isn't rocket science.

We have the power.

We always did.

Send the GOP proaborts packing.  Very quickly they will learn to stop grooming proaborts.

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