Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fr. Mullen Gets Threatened

I will post more subtantively on this later this evening, buy I wanted to get out an appeal to our prayer warriors.

Yesterday, Boston Catholics were circulating the news that Fr. Mullen has told the Board at MCFL and his parishioners that he expects the Cardinal to cripple his vocation and remove him from his parish for refusing to participate in Talking about Touching (TAT).

There are many problems with TAT, including the safety issue that it allows any pervert who has not been caught yet to use the platform of teaching children about sexual matters to identify children they can corner to abuse.   I will explain how later.    Lay Catholics are organizing, more later, but right now we need prayer so get going.


Many parents and Catholics informed and educated on the Kinsey sex ed agenda have written about the problems Talking about Touching (TAT) - including yours truly.

Here's a well-written article written by Mary Jo Anderson.

A number of resources here.

In defense of the absurdity of putting the onus on kindergarten children to defend themselves against the pedophiles the Archdiocese ordained and hired (instead of taking an inventory of who is sexually active and then purging them) the Cardinal and his men characterized parents as frigid Catholics who consider sexuality sinful and are afraid of the proper names of their body parts.

When we didn't retreat, Deacon Anthony Rizzuto (in charge of the program) actually went so far as to suggest the strategy for the diocese should include threatening that parents who refused program should be listed as suspected abusers.   Though several highly-respected women who involved in vetting the program (and who were overruled) vehemently objected.  Though this took some traction out of that strategy, we have unconfirmed reports that there indeed is such a list that is forwarded every year to the USCCB office for the "protection of children".

There is nothing protecting children in this program, especially when you know how it is being carried out on the parish level.

Children are exploited to "protect" the Cardinal.

Do you the number one tool for pedophiles harvest their victims?

They look for ways to talk to children about sex.    The overwhelming majority of victims of pedophile will tell you that "teaching" about sex was used to rope them in.

They look for opportunities to teach sex to children.  When they can't find one, they invent their own opportunities to teach sex to children.  Though not always the case, the majority of the time they zero in on at-risk children from dysfunctional families - alcoholism, poverty, divorce - and the 'lessons' get increasingly more personalized until eventually, there is a  physical lesson.

This is how pedophilia works.

The USCCB and the corrupt cronies at the Archdiocese of Boston have provided opportunities in every Catholic classroom for perverts.

This is the most egregious of the offenses of programs structured like Talking about Touching.

Fr. Mullen has archived his struggle with the program on his website.

Catch up on some reading.

Meanwhile, to the diocescan heirarchs reading - know this:  I'm going to pack up everything archived in Boston Catholic Insider and Bryan Hehir Exposed and I'm going to be making some personal visits to some HUGE donors.  I'm going to be convincing them to completely shut off your oxygen - "the money".

We want to bring in Bishop Vasa's program as a choice for priests who do not want and cannot exploit children and put them at risk.  This should be an option.   There is no reason for this not to be an option.

You best be leaving Fr. Mullen alone.

If you don't think Boston Catholics fed up with the corruption can make an impact - just try us!


Another TAT Link with sample lessons.

More sample lessons.

Cole and Mai are playing at the beach. When they go to the beach, they wear bathing suits. Their bathing suits cover up the private parts of their bodies. On boys, the bathing suit covers his penis in front and buttocks or bottom in the back. Those are his private body parts. The girl's bathing suit covers her vulva, vagina, and breasts in front, and buttocks or bottom in the back. These are her private body parts.
Oddly enough, the only private body parts missing in that description are also nowhere to be seen in the "Pastoral Center".

Sample 3rd Grade Lesson:

Click here to see the actual lesson card. The teacher is supposed to read the following story to the class

This is Kerry. She is worried about something that happened to her last week when she spent the night with one of her friends. Her friend's older brother came into the bedroom, put his hand under the covers of the bed Kerry was sleeping in, and touched her vagina (private parts). She said, "Stop that!" in an assertive voice. He stopped, but then he told her to keep it a secret. Kerry is wondering what she should do.

Teacher's Question to the Children: How do you think Kerry felt when her friend's brother touched her vagina? 

I'm trying to get my hands on the teacher instruction to inform the kids after one of these stories (and leading questions to tell them how pleasant it feels) that it was okay to touch each others private parts so long as they want to   --  just don't do it at the 'school'.   A first or second grade lesson.

Here in Boston, Deacon Anthony Rizzuto, in charge of the program, held meetings on implementation with Voice of the Faithful, many of whom promote promiscuity in their parishes and communities.    And, as a result of those meetings, wait until you hear which VOTF character (and parishioner of Walter Cuenin's) was running training programs for implementation.

The children are introduced to human sexuality as violent rape and something to run away from.  They are given the idea that at any moment, they may need to defend themselves from violent rapes and absurdly told they are the people who are accountable for defending themselves in the interaction and they are going to need to know how to tell the police.  

Parents, priests, Bishops, doctors, psychologists - all informed Cardinal O'Malley and his men what they were doing to the security, innocence and psychosexual development and safety of children.

They did it anyway. And, as usual and customary, they maligned and slandered people giving them the warning.


Anonymous said...

Visit St. Brendan's Parish in Bellingham, attend the Liturgy, read the Bulletin, review the Parish regular activities, meet the Staff. If you do all this, you will know that it is a very healthy Faith Community. The health of this community is largely due to the faithful shepherding of Father David. Father David's background and his deep classical spirituality coupled with his uncompromising healthy conscience and prophetic preaching are the exact qualities needed throughout the true Church of Boston, top to bottom.
Though Father David is not the only such pastor, he and his kind are few and far between. In my nearly forty years of ministry, I have experienced such faith communities and Pastors infrequently. As in the Gospel Parable, when one experiences this combination IT IS INDEED, A PEARL OF GREAT PRICE !
Such a reality can be very threatening to false shepherds and bogus flocks. We must pray for Fr. Dave and his wonderful flock because those threatened pose a real danger and retaliation is almost certain.
With prayers,
Father Bill

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few Parishes that do not use TAT, they do have something but not TAT, TAT is evil & I pray the Cardinal isn't foolish enough to use this to get rid of another Good & Holy Priest. I just visited the Parish site, perhaps the problem, if the Cardinal has one, is that Fr. Mullen is having a Latin Mass this Sunday at 12:30pm! God Bless Him & Protect Him from all evil.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, you are wise to sound the alarm and shed the spotlight on this situation. Let all the lemmings of the ADB who troll our blogs know that they are being watched. Of course we will pray.

Carol McKinley said...

You go Jerry!

This has nothing to do with lawyers or insurance.

It has been confirmed that there are many programs that are designed to "keep children safe" in an environment (which still exists) where cronyism and the good old boys penalize whistleblowers.

One was written by Bishop Vasa.

CCD teachers and Catholic educators all over town are pointing to children's vaginas and anuses and practicing vagina monologues at the bequest of the Cardinal as the fix for the sexually active priests they ordained and employed.

Sick and perverted doesn't begin to describe what the Cardinal is doing to children.

Meanwhile, his employees who have made perfectly clear celibacy is not possible for them are spending down time in the woods and accosting 21 year old men.

I was watching Joan of Arc over the weekend with some friends when at one point in a battle, she said "Come out here so I can send you to hell". A few minutes later, the man was lying dead on the ground and his soul no doubt exiled to his 'reward'.

I tell you, as Christ is my witness, he will not escape the justice of God. He will suffer in body, mind and soul if he does not let use this opportunity to include Bishop Vasa's program as an option for priests in the diocese.

Heaven is waiting to storm.

We've got to organize and demand it. If we let them destroy the vocation of this courageous priest, they will have taken the last stronghold.

Stay tuned.

Carol McKinley said...


Thanks for the support!

I have thus far pretty much kept my distance from major donors who are faithful to doctrine. Several of them are older and I have been sparing them the painful details on what is going down.

The time has sadly come when it is no longer in the best interest of Christ's Church to keep them in the dark.

Jerry said...

You go Carol!

Who are these major donors who don't know what they're funding? Some folks will always give, thinking they're fulfilling the precept. What is not easy to see, is that when the Cardinal is undermining Catholic practice and doctrine, there is no obligation to give. Personally, I think it has reached the point where it is wrong to give. To be clear, this doesn't include the priest who gives you the Sacraments and deserves life support.

The unfortunate side of this is that the archdiocese must die before it rises again. And this is what the destroyers want. It's a "catch-22" of sorts, as the destroyers win whether you give money or not. But the quicker solution is to defund the operation.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a parent and cannot understand why ALL Catholic parents in this Archdiocese have not protested the Chancery in person - Wake up Mother's & Father's!!!
My prayers are with you Carol in your mission making visits to those who can make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the slide show (or Powerpoint presentation) about TAT that was mentioned on Fr. Mullen's blog could be shared on the internet. If it influenced the bishops, it might have a great affect if seen by the faithful.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


Carol McKinley said...

I'll see if I can get my hands on the power point.

There was a 'teacher' instruction with tips for each lesson. I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that it instructed the teacher to tell children it was okay to touch one another but just don't do it at the school. If my memory serves me right, it was first grade.

Can you imagine how terrified kids are that are leaving these 'lessons'?

For the most part, I think sane people are just saying they're doing it but it's on the shelf and in no way is it being done as they think it is.

However, the people that could or would read such things and do such things to innocent young children are messed in the head and should be suspect for being a pervert as far I'm concerned.

It is as sick as it gets.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I encourage us all to tell the pure unadulterated truth, be it ever so ugly and distressing. Let's not worry about "causing pain to older people" or whoever. Our children are being scandalized and souls are going to hell, partly because some insist on wearing rose-colored glasses.

Carol, you are wise to take off the kid gloves and tell it like it is, not how we might like it to be.

Suggestion - do you have a website to which you can upload TAT material and link to it on your blog? Shed the light.