Friday, September 17, 2010

Holy Hour For Fr. Mullen Tomorrow

Kelly Thatcher has posted information on tomorrow's Holy Hour at St. Brendan's in Bellingham for Fr. Mullen.

There's a Mass at 9am.

See you there and if you can't make it, please keep Fr. Mullen and the Cardinal in your prayers.

Mother of God, pray for us !

Here's Kelly's post:

I've never met Father David Mullen, but if I had children I'd seriously consider moving to Bellingham in order to join hisparish. All you have to do is explore the parish website to understand why. 

This Saturday, September 18, the parish plans a special Holy Hour at 10:00 AM. (This is in addition to the parish's regular Saturday Exposition, Adoration, Confessions and Benediction from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM.)

Why the additional Holy Hour?

To pray for the parish and Father Mullen during his scheduled meeting with Sean Cardinal O'Malley.
 The meeting appears to be the culmination of the parish's eight year old struggle with the Archdiocese of Boston over the latter's so called "Safe Environment" programs, particularly one called "Talking About Touching." (TAT) 

This point of this post isn't to elaborate on the intrinsic evil of the "TAT" program. Others have done that far more thoroughly than I have—including Father David Mullen and his parishioners.
 My request is simple. Please join the Saint Brendan's parishioners in their prayers. Thank you. 

To get an idea of Father Mullen's efforts in protecting his parish—particularly the kids in it—go 


KD said...

Can't make it to Bellingham tomorrow but I will be praying a Rosary @ 10AM in union with all the prayers being said there!

Thanks for the heads up!

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks KD. He will benefit from your prayer!