Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wellesley, Massachusetts Middle School Students Brought to Muslim Mosque for Brainwashing

A shocking video of a Wellesley, Massachusetts school trip.

The mosque was founded by anti-semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American terrorists.  And, they promote wife beating.

There is quite a list of shady characters involved in the project.  

And, of course, what religious scandal would be complete without the Jesuits leading people from the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church?    Fr. Raymond Helmich of Boston College is heavily involved in recruiting for the terrorist/wife-beating "religion of peace".  You would think with the empty pews, he'd be spending time recruiting Catholics at B.C. into their faith?

No way would I have sat quietly through this outrageous presentation.  They ought to be glad I wasn't there because there would have been a lot of commotion.    Then again, my children would never have gone on the school trip to begin with.

Imagine if the Wellesley children were brought to a Catholic Church, preached to about Christ being the one, true God if you want to enter Heaven and ushered into a prayer service?

You've got to keep a constant watch on your children.  Don't let your children participate in any event, no matter how innocuous they try to make it sound that isn't vetted to make sure nothing is scandalous.  (This includes trips to Salem where bigotry against religion and Christianity is a part of most presentations.)

Volunteer to go on the trips.   If you are ever caught in a moment where muslim extremists seize children - get up out of your chair, walk over to the children and tell them the presenation is over and it is time to go back to the and lead them out of there.  If anyone stops you, tell muslims and the teachers they are breaking the law.  Get your cell phone out and record it.    Never sit through something like this without getting up and stopping it.

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