Friday, October 1, 2010

Boston Catholic "Tea Party" on Upcoming Catholic Conference

After many months of cataloging 40+ years of spiritual malpractice of Bryan Hehir, Boston Catholics were astonished when Cardinal O'Malley appointed him to head up a 'social justice conference' taking place in Boston on October 9th.

When Fr. Hehir put the 'social justice' conference together, Fr. Thomas Massaro was on the agenda.  Massaro was one of the 25 signatories of a public letter lobbying support for Kathleen Sebelius to be appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Many Boston Catholics have been feverishly appealing to the Cardinal, the Vicar General and administration to disinvite Fr. Massaro.  Here we are several days before the conference and Fr. Massaro is still listed as a featured speaker presenting, of all things, an  "Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching".

It's time to take the show on the road to Rome.

A lot of work has gone into making it very easy.

Go now, without delay to the TAKE ACTION page at Bryan Hehir Exposed.

With several thousand daily readers, we can make an impact.   I am going to be contacting many of you privately in the next couple of days to lobby you to send off your fax and get one other person to also do so.

Take the time to do it.  (Yes, I'm talking to you!)

(p.s.  Sshhh.  Don't tell Michael Sean Winters.)


Anonymous said...

Ah Kathleen Sebelius, friend of the abortion industry and Tiller the baby killer. Swell.

Sean O'Malley's colors are showing..


Marie Tremblay said...

Read what Paul Melanson put up today on the "peace commission" which Fr. Massaro is associated with. Disturbing.

We definitely need a Catholic Tea Party. And not just in Boston, but across Massachusetts. The Church is apostasizing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to bring the trucks with aborted babies on it to a site?