Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catholics Do Not Have a Horse in the Race for Governor

Readers have been asking me to give my thoughts about the race for Governor as a Catholic voter and with this weeks events, I thought it was time to weigh in.

Catholics do not have a horse in the race.

What Catholics do NOT want to see happen is seeing Charlie Baker get elected.  The man would be a disaster for every Catholic cares about from the sanctity of life to caring for the poor.

I never got on board political conservatives attempts to gin up some good will in Catholic circles for Loscocco.   Reading, listening and watching him, my intuition about him was not good.   Something smelled.    This week, Loscocco was caught throwing a monkey wrench into his own campaign in exchange for accepting a bribe from the GOP, whereupon I finally got a better whiff of the smell.  It was the stink of slime.

If we are to believe Loscocco, he claims he became indignant, indignant I tell you, that Cahill camp was working with strategist on how to hit their opponent Charlie Baker with negative campaigns and so he left his own campaign.

Come now.   This is what political think tanks do is work on how to market yourself in a positive light and your opponent in a negative light.

Are we to believe that Loscocco left his own campaign because the Cahill camp wanted to paint their opponent in a negative light?

Is the GOP trying to claim this is an aberration of political warfare?

Where are they going with this?

I'm smelling that smell again.

While Catholics don't have a horse in the race and I am not endorsing Cahill, I am recommending that we vote for Cahill.

The recommendation is based upon the following:

1. Baker is the worst possible thing that could happen to every Catholic missionary zealously working for the sanctity of the life or the poor.

2. A vote for Cahill is anti-GOP slimeball maneuver vote.

3. Cahill is the better of the three candidates for our pro-life work here in Massachusetts.

The GOP is not and never has been a friend of pro-life Catholics or working people.     You would think that the 'tea party' movement gave them a heads up.  They are not getting it yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm making a protest vote for Jill Stein (who has no chance of winning) to send a message to the Democrats (because of their Patrick-Murray ticket), the Republicans (because of their Bakler-Tisei ticket) and Mass. Citizens for Life (because of their endorsement of Cahill as a "pro-life" candidate).

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I was about to vote for Charlie Baker, until I read your post and came across this article, see link below. This Tisei character was a co-sponser of the bill to expand buffer zones around chop-shops to 36 ft !!

also, here is a story about our church's pro-life march to local abortion mill. Of course, the media twisted it...:


kd said...

I'm writing in Carol McKinley!

Anonymous said...

I wrote in Scott Lively and Keith Davis in the GOP primary against the rabidly anti-life, anti-family Baker-Tisei.

I'll be blanking the Governors spot on the November ballot.-Michael