Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creep Alert: Barney Frank's Partner Jim Ready

After a debate last week between Barney Frank and challenger Sean Bielat, Frank's partner Jim Ready approached Bielat and started firing off  rapid-fire pictures with a flash in his face like some kind of nutcase

When Bielat asked what he was doing, Ready said "You better get used to it dude.  It's a free country isn't it?"

What kind of thuggery is this?

I haven't really followed Frank's personal life and didn't know anything about Ready, but you would expect a partner of a long-time US Representative to be dignified and professional.  

While looking for the video stream of the incident, I found more information about Frank's strange bedfellow at New York Magazine.

First, James Ready nearly got his boyfriend, Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, in deep doo-doo when he got arrested for growing and possessing marijuana — while Frank was in the house with him. Then, he mouthed off to a couple of (semi-drunk) ladies on a plane, causing a fight after he called another passenger "Santa Claus." And now he's staging bizarre performance art. In the video below, you'll see him as he looms in on Frank's Republican election opponent Sean Bielat after a debate at the WGBH studios in Boston. He snaps pictures of the bemused candidate, telling him to "get used to it, dude." Bielat eventually realizes the humor of the situation, asking, "Are you really standing here and heckling me? Is that really what you’re doing?" Ready, on the other hand, did not seem to find anything funny.
When you're watching the video, be sure to take note of the rapid-fire use of the flash of this peculiar little potheaded:

Ready did not return calls seeking comment. Gural said Ready, who is not paid by the campaign for his photos, will continue to hit the stump with Frank and may be at other events with Bielat. 

Another example of political thuggery is Steve Driehaus' absurd persecution of Marjorie Dannenfelser. 

.... throwing Catholicism itself under the bus in the name of defendingCatholicism.
The George Soros-backed fake Catholic group Catholics United [CU] has, for weeks, been engaged in a $500,000 misinformation campaign to persuade Catholics to vote for Driehaus and other Democrats who are ostensibly pro-life but voted for ObamaCare. CU, and various candidates they are struggling to defend, would like voters to believe that they are more “Catholic” on this issue than their own Catholic bishops who say that the new law includes taxpayer-funded abortion. Apparently, their half million dollars alone is not enough as Driehaus engages in what Dannenfelser calls “an act of desperation and fear” to “use a criminal statute to silence his critics.” Catholics who actually profess and practice their own religion point out the irony that Driehaus himself shared Dannenfelser’s position prior to March 19

 Deal Hudson's Why it's absurd to deny Obama's Healthcare bill contains abortion gets the factual information about the abortion funding in Obamacare on record.  


I used to at least have some measure of respect for Democratic party.  The bitterness and thuggery have left a bad taste in my mouth.  I think it's left a bad taste in lot of people's mouths.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, where's the video? I don't see a link for it.

Carol McKinley said...

It's embedded in the story at the Boston Herald. They have copyright on it and they are being tightwads.

Go to the story and look around- you'll see it.