Saturday, October 30, 2010

Episcopal Corruption That Keeps On Giving

If these news reports are accurate, this is another creepy example of the corruption that keeps on giving:

The Bishops are set to elect a pedophile enabler.

When Bishops are looking for judgment to lead them, they pull the Curriculum Vitae whose poor judgment shuffled and enabled pedophiles.

Are you wondering why they keep telling us the process is sending letters they don't answer?

Kicanis was the rector of Mundelein Seminary in the 1990s when McCormack was a seminarian there and knew of three cases of "sexual improprieties," one involving a minor. Kicanis recommended McCormack's ordination anyway. His assessment even after McCormack's history of child sex abuse was, "It would have been grossly unfair not to have ordained him. There was a sense that his activity was part of the developmental process and that he had learned from the experience. I was more concerned about his drinking. We sent him to counseling for that." Sexual activity with a minor is part of the "developmental process?"
So 23 youngsters (at least) were sexually abused and psychologically damaged because it was "unfair" to recognize McCormack's homosexual depravity for what it was and refuse him ordination. To see exactly how horrible McCormack's actions were go here and read what one father only recently learned about the homosexual rape of his young son over a three-year period. He can thank Bishop Kicanis for helping it happen.  

We'll make him the poster boy for next year's 'de-fund the Bishops' annual campaign.     Maybe we'll name it "Bishops Laughing All the Way to the Bank".   

Sounds like a good name for a blog doesn't it.   Whoops.  There I go again telling tales out of school!

I suppose they figure enough time has passed now and they can go back to their old bag of tricks.  The US Attorney was stupid enough to call off a RICO investigation when they promised to clean up corruption by telling kids graphic stories about their parents and relatives putting their hands down their pants.  They've sold off Catholic Hospitals to build the foundation of socialized medicine.  They've elected a baby killer who is bankrupting our country and their cleric Bryan Hehir is busy replacing the structure of the Roman Catholic Church with the wealthy laity who threaten to defund the Bishop who can't keep up with his travelogue blog about his luxurious trips around the world and pot luck suppers.

To read more about this Bishop's positions on the faith, go HERE.

It's time for the semi-annual posting of my favorite quote about the "Episcopal Conference" (which the Pope has called to disband), written by Fr. Joseph Wilson in an article called The Price of My Soul's Salvation.

Watching the bishops’ conference in action is like viewing the film of a train wreck over and over again. With bright-colored clowns hanging out the train windows, waving and blowing kisses. One only wishes one had a tomato.

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