Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mass Catholic Conference Announces Search Committee

The Massachusetts Catholic Conference announced the 'search committee' for the new Director.

The Boston Catholic Blogging Community has been anxious to find out the identities of the search committee since we learned that Bishop Coleman of the Fall River diocese was put in charge of the committee (instead of Bryan Hehir).

We figured maybe with the spotlight on all the Bryan Hehir/Jack Connors cronyism, they'd bring in people with some fresh ideas.

See what you think.

The search committee will be chaired by Bishop George W. Coleman, Diocese of Fall River.   Each of the Bishops has appointed a member of the search committee to represent his diocese.  

Boston appointed:   James Brett, President & CEO of The New England Council

The former President and CEO of The New England Council is Bryan Hehir's friend and former member of Catholic Charities,  Peter Meade.    Peter resigned Catholic Charities to 'protest' the Bishops asking for a religious exemption so that Catholics could continue in the adoption business without disobeying our faith. 

Coincidently, James Brett is also a Catholic Charities colleague of Bryan Hehir's.    

In 2009, James Brett's New England Council presented "New Englander of the Year" Awards to some folks whose names might ring a bell to readers of Boston Catholic Insider and Bryan Hehir Exposed:

James Brett's says the New England Council is non-partisan.    See what you think - here's his relationship map.   

It says HERE the Jack Connors-James Brett relationship goes all the way back to the Cardinal Law days. You're going to think I'm making this up, but it says Connors recruited Brett to give savvy advice to steer Cardinal Law.   Cardinal Law didn't like their ideas very much and Connors and his cronies got their feathers ruffled.    These people are all back in the saddle now -- brought in by Bryan Hehir to steer Cardinal O'Malley.

I'm sure my blogging colleagues in Boston will have more to say on this appointment to the think tank - so for now, I'll move along to the appointee from Springfield.  

The Diocese of Springfield picked  Sr. Annette McDermott, SSJ, to represent their ideas in picking out the chief Catholic lobbyist. 

In another coincidence, Sr. Annette McDermott is on the Board of Directors of the Mass Catholic Conference.  Guess who her supervisor is there?  J. Bryan Hehir.       

When Massachusetts Bishops are looking at credentials to give guidance about political lobbying - how do you feel about having Sister Annette McDermott being an advisor and partner in the group funded by George Soros, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good?

When Bishops are sitting around putting together a think tank for the political lobbying arm for a host of Catholic issues, including Catholic conscience protections and unborn children - how does a woman working for George Soros get onto the list?

These Bishops are tone deaf.    Get your fingers ready for another fax and email campaign.

Other members of the 'search committee' are two priests -   Rev. Michael K. McManus, Chancellor, Diocese of Fall River and Msgr. Thomas Sullivan, Chancellor, Diocese of Worcester.     They need to be fully apprised of the Bryan Hehir/Democratic party ambush. 

9PM Update - More Bad News

Bryan Hehir Exposed has a post up on the sham Mass Catholic Conference Search and has fleshed out more disturbing information on Sr. Annette McDermott. 

As if Sr. McDermott’s membership in Catholic Alliance for the Common Good wasn’t bad enough, she is also listed as a consultant to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in this 2006 newsletter.Those are the guys that funded ACORN for years, and you can either check out our post on them, or just do a Google search of “Catholic Campaign for Human Development” and ACORN...

Sr. Annette McDermott works with CCHD.   She works with two proabortion political lobbying groups.

Here's what Bishop Coleman had to say:

Bishop Coleman said, “I look forward to working with such a respected group to advise the bishops in selecting the next Executive Director for MCC.  Our goal is to undertake a thorough and extensive search to identify the most qualified person available to continue advocating on behalf of the Church in public policy matters.  There are many important issues facing communities and our Church.  We look forward to recommending for appointment an articulate, faithful and experienced professional in the very near future.”

There are two rational conclusions to reach.

The first conclusion is that the unborn and Catholic conscience protections was not worth two minutes of Bishop Coleman's time to do a google search on these individuals (or to delegate a staff member to do one) and his role in this is to rubber stamp the selection.

The second conclusion about Bishop Coleman is that he believes proabortion think tanks are places to recruit his advisors for selecting a political lobbyist for Massachusetts Catholics.

I know of 1/2 dozen people who have spoken directly with Bishop Coleman's secretary today and who intend on following up on this tomorrow.  I know of hundreds more who will be asking Bishop Coleman to clarify exactly what his statement means in light of the backgrounds of these individuals.

Stay tuned.

Boston Catholic Insider also posted an entry you will want to get right over to read.    These committees are nothing but a dog and pony show that is covering up a shocking governance problem in the Archdiocese of Boston.

We have told you for some time that the “fix is in” for that position, and the selection of Kathleen Driscoll, a Jack Connors crony, was pretty much in the bag for her when the search committee convened.  We are getting numerous reports that the committee met within the past several days–a rare occurrance for this committee.  That much we have confirmed.  Rumor leaking out is that they were informed about the selection of Ms. Driscoll.    

They sure know how to make enemies at 66 Brooks Drive.   If you're going to go through the exercise of using people to front the selection of another one of Jack Connors cronies, wouldn't you post a help wanted on Monster, pluck out a few candidates whom you know will not be a match for the job and schedule some interviews so that it all looks real and then stack the pile to favor of your crony?

Not this crowd.

Picture yourself thinking it's all real.  Checking your email waiting for the resumes that never come.  Being called into the Chancery when the Cardinal comes into the conference room flanked on either side by Jack Connors and Jim McDonough and being told the search is over (and what Boston Bloggers have been reporting for months is true)!

Several members of the search committee walked out of 66 Brooks Drive saying "It is corrupt".

BTW - This will be the final installment of taking the structure of controlling the money out of the hands of the Archbishop.  He who controls the money (Jack Connors/Bryan Hehir) gives the Cardinal Archbishop his marching orders.


Anonymous said...

Please note another detail of the press release: "Very Rev. Bryan K. Parrish, Archdiocese of Boston, will provide staff support to Bishop Coleman and the search committee."

Now that's encouraging. Father Parrish is well-known as the ultimate O’Malley Rump Swab.

Intellectually vacuous, ethically uninterested, politically self-centered and theologically dumb, Parrish says Yes when O’Malley says Yes, Jumps when Connors says Jump, Nods when McDonough says Nod, Smiles when Hehir says Smile, Bows when Kaneb says Bow and Club Dances when his unorthodox brother-in-law-the-priest says Club Dance.

Bishop Coleman, you are the latest to be played by O’Malley, Connors, McDonough, Hehir, and Kaneb. How fabulous that Father Parrish will be there to support you.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks for the comment.

Let me ask you something.

Is it the general conviction of rank and file Catholics that Bishops are imbeciles? Because I don't for a minute think we ought to let Bishop Coleman off the hook. He is in charge of the committee. He has delegated somebody for for his diocese.

He has the duty and the responsibility of checking out the credentials of the people nominated to the committee and approving them. He either approved them without spending two minutes on a google search or he found their history and agrees they have the right judgment to harvest and select our political lobbyist.

Either way, he is not doing his job and we need to pin it on him and hold him accountable.

Re: Fr. Parrish. I had some experiences with him ten or so years ago about Voice of the Faithful that I would not call edifying. But here we are ten years later and I tend to think wisdom for everybody has come along. I learn, he learns, we all learn in ten years...?

It seems to me like Fr. Parrish wants to be a mediator. You can't be a mediator if your boss doesn't like you and you don't like him. I am not above being hoodwinked but I have had conversations with the man and I came away thinking he is acting in good faith. He was instrumental in mediating another situation where all parties (including an individual we love and trust) walked away with what they needed in a situation that could have turned out to be a very large donnybrook that neither the diocese nor the faithful wanted.

I have a situation that is nowhere near resolved and so I will be able to experience it first hand. Anyone reading this blog for any amount of time knows I am in no mood to be taken for a fool and I'm going to either going to take the situation to our objectives have been met or I'm heading up the ladder until they are so sick and tired of hearing from me and the people we are rounding up in the revolution, somebody goes under the bus and we reach our objectives that way. So, time will tell!

Anonymous said...

I met Sister Annette McDermott in 2008, during the last presidential campaign. She is an Obama partisan, through and through. Her rationale? "Because Jesus says we must care for the poor." Pull-eeeze.