Friday, November 12, 2010

Bishop Kicanas President? Hope Not...

Matt Abbot has joined the growing chorus of voices raising the alarm about the election of Bishop Kicanas.

Matt points out the concerns expressed by Tim Drake and also quotes an Illinois private investigator who is dedicated to exposing sexual predators, Thomas Hampson.   Hampson points out the inconsistency in Kicanas conflicting statements that there was no "evidence" that the priest in questions had really raped the children but he concluded that the "activity" of raping children was something the priest would get out of his system eventually:

"It was an open secret that McCormack was involved with boys during the time he was in seminary. On the one hand Kicanas said there was no 'credible' evidence against McCormack. On the other he said that McCormack's involvement with two adult males and a minor, 'was a developmental process and he had learned from the process.' [A 2007 Chicago Sun-Times article] also reported that Kicanas sent McCormack to counseling for a drinking problem. What did he do about McCormack's involvement with the minor? Such involvement would have been a crime! Was he in the habit of overlooking criminal conduct that was brought to his attention? So, was there no credible evidence, or did he just consider it a developmental issue?"

I don't know how to say this charitably, but there also seems to be a problem with Kicanas' honesty.

Matt also links to concerns raised by Mary Ann Kreitzer, our efforts here in Boston, and Tom Roeser.

Catholic Culture has also picked up the story.

It is noteworthy to keep watch on the Commonweal crowd.

All their hooey about the 'sex abuse crisis" was really never about the children after all.    
It is about how sizing up the situation to see who the “conservatives” are and take a strategy position based on how much damage can be done.  Even if it means advancing a man who sees raping children as learning experiences that will eventually work itself out.
You know what's even crazier?   When the USCCB Bishops were looking for some savvy advice to lecture them about how to handle the aftermath of pedophile enabling in the US Conference of Bishops, they summoned Commonweal's Peter and Margaret Seinfels.  
Check back again later today when the Boston Catholic Insider will have a special announcement on the Kicanas election.


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I linked - good coverage. If I were Kincanas I'd get out now.