Sunday, November 7, 2010

Karl Rove on Pelosi Pallooza - "What's Next?"

Good reflection from Rove in the Washington Post.

Pelosi is a damaged, deeply polarizing figure whose retention as House leader will guarantee continued difficulties for those Democrats who had rough races in red districts Tuesday and those Democrats whose seats will tilt more red because of redistricting next year.
The soon-to-be former speaker will also feed President Obama's worst instincts. She shares the White House view that Tuesday was the result of inadequate communications, insufficiently liberal initiatives and not curt enough dismissal of Republicans. These got Democrats into their electoral pickle: Pelosi's continuation will only make conditions worse in the House.

Pelosi yesterday circulated a letter asking for unity, saying she's gratified for all the 'support' she's getting in her quest to become the minority leader.

She's painting herself as an 'effective' tool that was taken down, which is true.  Weak men are afraid of her and the DNC is chock full of sissified men.

What Pelosi doesn't get is that she has been overthrown because the people don't wan't the legislation she is shoving down the throats of our country.  Even sissified men at the DNC surely realize the worst thing they could do if they want any political power to survive for Democrats in the 2012 election, is to put the lightening rod back as the face of their gig.

Politically, when your mission takes a unified blow, the trick is to survive independently and rebuild from the bottom up, under the radar.   This is political science 101.

Tying the witch to the taffrail screaming full speed ahead would give conservatives a gold mine of political acumen to launch 2012 initiatives.

The RNC hung this sign over their building yesterday:

Eric Cantor is already on it.

A Republican leader says that if Democrats keep Rep. Nancy Pelosi as their party chief in the House, then "it's almost as if they didn't get the message."
Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, who's in line to be the No. 2 House Republican, says GOP lawmakers aren't willing to work with President Barack Obama on what Cantor calls an "expansive, liberal agenda" the White House has pushed for two years. 

 Imagine what two more years of Pelosi pushing the sissies to do what they know the people don't want will do to the Democratic party?

This is all too good to be true.

BTW, if you haven't seen what the President had to say about it, it's here.

White House aides signaled late Friday that President Obama expects Pelosi will win her bid for House minority leader and he's looking forward to working with her if she does winFinally, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs broke the public silence aboard Air Force One on the way to India for the start of the president's 10-day trip to Asia...
In a sign of just how tricky this subject is for the president right now, White House aides were in radio silence mode in the immediate aftermath of Pelosi's announcement that after losing the House majority she has decided to stay in Congress and run for minority leader instead of bolting the chamber altogether.
"The White House does not comment or get involved in leadership elections," Gibbs told reporters. "But as the president has said before, he appreciates the work of the speaker and the entire House Democratic leadership team, who have been great partners in moving the country forward. He looks forward to working with them in the years to come."

Obama insincere.  But which Obama is he?  Obama contrite, who wants to set a new tone or Obama who appreciates Pelosi's tone and leadership?

I'm looking forward to 60 Minutes.


Lynne said...

and on the Republican side, Rove reflects the establishment good-old-boy network.

I lost a lot of respect for him during this election cycle...

Carol McKinley said...


Thanks. You may be right about that..

Karl actually got off track bit in the 2008 election when he got on board with the Romney machine. Romney spent many years derailing prolifers and conservatives here in Massachusetts.

I didn't pay much attention the machines this election and would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

I know he has previously worked very hard and I hope he gets on board our train in the future which is being driven by the voters whether they like it or they don't.

I like Karl and I think he's with us on the issues. In any event, he's right about this one.

Anonymous said...

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