Monday, November 1, 2010

TA DA! The Archdiocese Gives Control of Major Fundraising to The Banshee

Back in early August, Boston Catholic Insider announced the appointment of another former Jack Connors employee to a position in the Chancery.

What makes this so unusual is that on its face, the archdiocese had put together a committee to make it look like there is some kind of process where they publish the position, qualified people submit their resumes and there is an interview process but that is not how the Chancery works.

There were no resumes circulated.  No discussion.  I believe the only meetings that ever took place was the one where they met to find out why they weren't meeting and another when they were called into the Chancery and told who they hired!

Today, 2 1/2 months after Boston Bloggers announced who had already been appointed to the position, the gig is up.

This pretty much lays to rest Archdiocescan aspersions about credibility of information coming from Boston Bloggers.

I'm posting this comment in the com boxes for emphasis:

Did you notice the most important parts of the PR announcement and follow-up? “Kathleen will be responsible for leading, directing and managing a new independent development organization, Boston Catholic Development Services (BCDS).” And “The newly established 501(c) (3) organization will ensure donors of independence and accountability.”
Independent of the Church. Independent of hierarchical control. NOT independent of Jack Connors, though.
The control of finances is being taken out of the hands of those who are charged, through Holy Order, with managing and stewarding it. The control of the finances of the Archdiocese of Boston is being completely and totally put into the hands of Jack Connors.
This is the midpoint of what I believe has been a long strategy to wrest control of the local Church from the hands of the clergy and to put it into the hands of (for lack of a better word) “a vestry.” It appears that Jack Connors’ idea of the perfect church is Protestantism. And he has worked from within the system to co-opt it completely and totally.
From now on, he is the de-facto Archbishop of Boston, for weal or for woe.
Le roi c’est mort. Vive le roi!  

Look, this is beyond ineptitide.  It is the dismantling of the structure of Jesus Christ's Church.

The Cardinal has given control of the money to a "Board" that is no longer under the control of the Archbishop.   This cabal is already on record publicly threatening Fr. Rafferty as a "bigot" and is now creating a "policy' that will defund priests, parishes, schools who proclaim or protect the deposit of faith for Catholics.  This is the formal schism that was plotted by the National Leadership of Church Management (Boston College) and the Voice of the Faithful screwballs.  They have seized our hospitals, seized the majority of the buildings of our Seminary, they have seized the pensions of our priests and lay people to feed Jack Connors machine, and every priest is a sitting duck for a false allegation that will never permit him to return to ministry.

I suspect that the Cardinal is a weak man and not a sinister conspirator, nevertheless,  the teaching authority of this diocese is no longer under the control of the Pope. It is in the hands of people who are already threatening to defund priests who uphold the teaching and sanctifying role of the Church.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, wake up.  Stand up and fight.

People helicoptering over this Cardinal during these years to protect him as his staff completed this coup--get down on your knees for you have contributed to the work of the enemy of Christ's  Church.

Dear DBP,
Thank you for boiling it down to what it really is. Why does Jack want it? He got the hospitals he wanted (Cerberus has been told to see to that), he got a sweet 100 or so acres for BC (though he may never get Saint John’s). So why does he care? Why does he want to control the Church’s finances — both current and future? Or is there a political agenda here that he can’t resist? 

and from another:

Back in the late 80s, a bunch of us wanted to ensure that our donations were being used with proper oversight and so Cardinal Law approved the creation of a foundation with an independent lay board, which would also have the cardinal and his top team as corporate members. Millions were donated under the pretense of independence. What happens to those millions now without the Catholic Foundation? Will they be shuffled off to Connor’s pet Catholic Schools Foundation to be used as a bludgeon against pastors who don’t toe his liberal line on Catholic education? 


What is needed at 66 Brooks Drive is not a “secretary of institutional advancement” but an exorcist.
The Regula vitae fidelis should be: don’t trust them with your money, don’t trust them with your children, don’t trust them with your soul.

Remember though- the price of your soul's salvation.  The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our  Lord.

Lord, Help us!   Get the whip and clean Your House!

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