Sunday, December 5, 2010

Driehaus Weenie Whiner Wimp Watch

Driehaus filed a civil suit against Susan B. Anthony List claiming Obamacare doesn't fund abortions and he is being "deprived of his livelihood".

Oh come on. The reason why the Democrats wouldn't adopt Hyde Amendment language into Obamacare was because they know the funding for abortions is back-doored.

How would Democrats save the country without enticing poor women to kill their own child and providing funds to pay for it?   The children of the poor drain their wallets.  They don't want to feed them or educate them.   They're living the dream, training women to be promiscuous and then shuffling them to abortion clinics.

The game has always been the primary care physician sends the women who want abortion to doctors who 'diagnose' that women are 'at risk' for mental disease, they will absolutely spiral into irreversible depression and become suicidal if the sex they had with some irresponsible and immature man brings another human being into their life. They come up with some pre-existing condition like 'situational anxiety' and abortions are covered.

This has always been the game.

The people in this country made it known they did not want the best healthcare system in the world  to be dismantled and replaced with a minimum standard of the care of socialized medicine. Our healthcare system has been bought and paid for by people who study hard in school and bust their tails so they can have a decent life and enough money to provide for their families.    All things are not equal.   You don't rob the elderly of the medicines they need and paid for in years of putting money into the insurance system and give it to someone who has been irresponsible with their lives.

Everyone warned them there would be a price.

Everyone told them that turning our country from a place where its people work for their achievements to robbing more of working people's paychecks to give to people sitting home watching Oprah with their booze & crack pipes as their children reap the consequences generation after generation would cost them.  It is not helpful to the poor nor can the rest of us who are working for our achievements survive if they keep on putting us into debt.

And, sure enough, poverty has increased under Barack Hussein and his regime.

Why can't Driehaus just be a man and pay the price?

He should at least have the decency to name the right party in his lawsuit.

Nancy Pelosi arrogantly announced if everyone paid a political price for ramming Obamacare through, it would be worth it.   She's the defendant.

There are some days that I just can't believe how a nation, a few years after 911, could elect a man named Barack Hussein who sees our own police and military as the boogeymen, who releases terrorists from prisons to kill again and backs a muslim victory shrine a few feet from the holes in the ground where muslim terrorissts nearly destroyed our country, a man who ignores a missile fired off of the coast of California and doesn't want to pay closer attention to muslims flying even when they are on a no fly list, but is reaching into our underpants at every airport, radiating our bodies and taking our wrinkle cream, lipstick and hand sanitizer away from us.

Driehaus is a poster boy for Washington weenies who have refused to own up to the consequences of their actions and inactions.   It's always about 'who can we blame'.

Really.  It's old.

By the way, the picture in this thread was something I came across on public transportation here in Boston.   The line runs through the most poverty stricken areas of Boston.   A picture of this woman's 'punishment' for 'having sex' sure is worth a thousand words isn't it?

The people in this country are choosing life.

Man up.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"His livelihood"? Since when does he - or anyone - have an absolute right to hold public office? Does he think politicians should have the right to sue voters who have the audacity to vote him out of office? He might try getting a real job - and then he can see how Obamacare threatens real people.

Carol McKinley said...


It seems he does think he holds the absolute right to hold public office indeed.

The democrats always claw at something when they're circling the drain. I suppose they couldn't find a way to pin this one on George W?

It's going to be very interesting to see whether they talk Obama into coming up with an excuse not to run again and they announce it like a golden parachute or whether they try to pull the crowds together to chant 'yes we can' again.

What's your guess?

Anonymous said...

It's really kind of funny when the incumbent thinks he is the only one who can do a job. Here in NYS we had a very close election for our own Congressional District. (Dem, of course, though I'm not sure the Repub is much better. They're both pro-Abortion.) The incumbent lost HUGH. As a Catholic, I voted for the Independent; he was pro-life and a write-in. Needless to say, he didn't win.

The Obamacare program had to be stopped by involving that funny little executive order he signed to get the "pro-life" Dems to vote for it. They were going to implement it in PA and NM for the special care provision, which did include no restriction on abortion, until Sibelius was warned not to do it or there would be hell to pay. That was the first test of the 'teeth' of the Exec. Order. Mostly all gums. Doesn't matter much though. A Catholic nurse in NY was told she couldn't sue her employer, a hospital, for forcing her to assist in an abortion against her conscience. The NYS court said that the conscience protection amendment didn't apply and she would be fired if she didn't assist. So much for Federal Law. (See Catholic Culture News). Anyone need a good Catholic Surgical Nurse? So you see, whether they are incumbents or judges, the law doesn't mean S--T to them. Time to go back to the original Constitution and do as the gentleman in Texas is doing.Invoking the 10th Amendment. Lots of other States are doing it too. We need to force sanity to return to our Government. (Who am I kidding?)
Jesus Is Lord!