Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Golden Parachutes in the Archdiocese of Boston?

If you haven't read the latest post and comments over at Boston Catholic Insider, you've simply got to get over there and check out the latest post and comments.     As the diocese spits out press releases claiming there is no money to fund pensions, insiders are predicting the latest round of megasalaried employees added to the payroll could signal golden parachutes for the Chancellor, among others.

I found this comment to be most interesting:

- Carol “the lefty” Gustavson is losing the most important of her several hats, and she is one of the few “direct reports” remaining for McDonough in the Secretariat;
- Straub is taking on the “direct reports” that, up until McDonough’s time, were the core of the Chancellor’s position;
- McDonough’s “direct reports” now amount to someone with oversight of the floorplan of the Pastoral Center and of the telephone system, and “Director of Parish Services” (whatever that might be!)
- McDonough’s email ends with a self-serving litany of how hard he’s worked to achieve the Cardinal’s goals, and a stated “hope” that Straub will “continue to build on” the foundation that he, McDonough, has laid.
It seems pretty apparent, in corporation-speak, that Gustavson has annoyed a lot of people (maybe the continuous portrayal of her on this blog as “proudly ex-Catholic” has had a part in it, too) and is on her way out – and soon.
It also seems pretty apparent that McDonough is being positioned for an upcoming email that thanks him for his generous service to the Archdiocese and at the same time welcomes Straub as the next Chancellor.
It may be just wishful thinking, but if you can decipher corporation-speak, I’m just saying….

Also of note is the Chancellor's focus on reducing the body count rather than a budgeted salary comparison that includes funds being siphoned off to vendors being 1099'd that coincidently have a history of previous business dealings with McDonough and Jack Connors.

2011 is going to be a very interesting year so stay tuned to Boston's Church Militant.  

Speaking of which,  today's Vortex is another must see...

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