Sunday, December 12, 2010

Losing Thy Cell Phone

My cell phone has been missing since Friday. I lost it somewhere between leaving work and running to catch the train at South Station. I'm going to check out lost and found on Monday but I don't have a good feeling about it. I threw it in my bag hastily and had to run the 20 minutes to catch the train. When I tried to call it, though it had a full battery, it went right to voicemail like it dropped hard enough for the battery to be knocked out of place.

You don't realize how connected the cell phones have made us until it's among the missing.

I don't know how mother's survived without having that instant connection to their children. Every time I'm out doing something, I feel like I've wandered into some strange world where they can get in touch with me.

"You didn't pick up your phone!" - "I was worried" = "Where were you?" - "What if something happened to me?" - "I had plans and needed the car!"- "I needed you to pick up this or that".

Every time I leave the house, it feels a bit like I'm going AWOL.


I don't know anyone's number (except for my family).

I'm out of touch with what's going on at 66 Brooks Drive! There are some kind of super sleuths crawling all over the place. You don't think it's possible they've wasted money they don't have thinking going to get to the source of the sickileaks, do you?

Do we have rubber balls at the ends of our noses?

If you're looking for the leaks at the locus of 66 Brooks Drive, knock yourselves out. The leaks aren't coming from where you think they're coming from.

There's a symbiotic relationship between arrogance and je ne sais pas. It'll keep you occupied chasing your own tail until the missionaries complete the work God has asked them to do.

In the interests of the poor, when you exhaust the resources you allocated for a wild goose chase and you're standing there empty-handed, perhaps it is charity to tell you that what you've bought is an epiphany: You can't be corrupt for years and years and not lose the confidence of most of the people underneath you. There are too many who know, too many who see (and saw), too many who are concerned that the next generation is going to be handed off a counterfeit religion and structure.

Meanwhile, look forward to the next couple of installments of Advent specials - the 'non-discrimination policy' and the character assassinations of the Barbara Thorpe and Dumbledorf kangaroo court.

On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, remember that She crushed the head as you strike at her heel so it all works out for the best.


Anonymous said...

I DO hope & pray you've reported the lose to your Cell Phone Provider! It's like loosing a Credit Card, Do it if you haven't! Do it NOW.

Carol McKinley said...

Thank you. I reported it right away and they suspended the service.