Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Madoff, O'Malley and the Three Headed Dog Cerebus

Ray Neary has written an article on the situation inside of the Boston Chancery under Cardinal O'Malley's leadership that is posted at Renew America:

A Pact with the Devil

Ray Neary is a gentleman, a man of integrity and valor. What he says in this article very much needs to be said in the public square. There is a problem with honesty in the regime at 66 Brooks Drive that is manifesting itself in many ways. The diocese is in the hands of the corrupt as the Cardinal is off taking pictures of himself to post on his blog in every corner of the earth.

There is much weakness at 66 Brooks Drive and there needs to be a coup of the coup. This is not the time to be faint of heart or weak in character.

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