Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where's Your Money Going in the Boston Archdiocese?

My colleagues at Boston Catholic Insider continue to do a superb job getting the corruption inside of the Chancery out into the sunshine.

Did you know that close to twenty percent of the annual Cardinal's Appeal goes to pay the annual salaries of 14 overcompensated cronies Jack Connors, Bryan Hehir, Jim McDonough and John Kaneb have stacked at the Chancery so their policies will be carried out without resistance?

Coming soon to The Tenth Crusade is an Advent update to the Sacred Heart situation, the governance crisis at 66 Brooks Drive and the 'non-discrimination" policy. And, we are hoping the crusade to put this out of its misery is going to be the largest campaign we have ginned up yet so stay tuned.

There really are not enough hours in the day to let everyone know what's happening under the radar but there are a lot of pans on the fire.

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