Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EWTN's New Baby

The National Catholic Register

Is this not spectacular?

People who blog have a lot of different gigs.  This will not come as a surprise to long-time readers, but I fall into the category of activists who use their blog as a tool, rather than a journalist.   Like any activist, I've periodically cc'd Catholic journalists, bloggers, newspaper - a) because they should know what's going on and b) knowing the controversy is newsworthy, you hope to get the information out there so that scandals against Christ's Church, souls, children, Sacraments - so worthy of having their sanctity protected - will benefit from having the light shine on it.

I really have been a defender of the Legion, not Maciel, but the innocent order of priests who are (or want to be) faithful to Christ that were sucked into the vacuum.   For so many years faithful candidates to the priesthood were denied admission to seminaries because, after all, if you're going to be hopping into bed with your brother seminarians, the last thing you want around are people who are there to purify themselves, learn the authentic faith and be trained in the discipline of celibacy.    For the last...God only knows how this day, faithful priests have to fly under the radar to keep their assignments, remain a pastor, avoid being labeled as mentally disturbed when you complain about the sex, drinking, drugs, stealing and spiritual abuse of the flock.    The Legion was a refuge from this diocesan  skullduggery and I defended, hoped and prayed for reform post-Maciel.

That all ended a few years back when I could no longer avoid the reality that the Legion was using their newspaper to give shelter and cover up the corruption of Bishops.  I don't mean to implicate any of the fine journalists all of whom I deeply respect - or even Fr. Owen as these decisions I'm sure took place far above his head.  I'm just saying that my respect for the order was scandalized when I realized that even if a Bishop literally got involved in the abortion mill business the Legion would use their newspaper to provide the Bishop a place to write FAQs that avoided the substance of allegations and covered up the trail of scandal with smoke and mirrors. 

You've got to go a long way to lose my respect.   I'm usually the last one standing in the room giving you the benefit of the doubt.  There is something seriously wrong with the Legion. 

I'm delighted the Register is going to be under EWTN.  Wow - what great news for the journalists.  What great news for all of us.

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