Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

For the last month or so, St. Thomas has been very present in my life since the day a colleague gave me the relic. It seems everything I stumble across has something he has written in it. My inbox always has a picture or a story that references him in some way. The other day, I was channel surfing and saw Penny Lord saying their show was going to feature something very exciting and special. I thought to myself, if this is St. Thomas, I somethings up with this guy in my life. He is helicoptering like a father with his newborn daughter. My television is never off of the movie channels. Sure enough, it was St Thomas.

Maybe, he has always been there quietly and has just decided to emerge from the cavern. In hindsight, I suspect he has.

Thank you St. Thomas for your presence in my life, for your intercession and protection. I am always late to the party. Mea maxima culpa.


Fr. Ken said...

Great story. When St. Catherine started hovering in my life like a concerned mother, I found myself in a Seminary a few months later and am now a Priest! Stay prayerful for whatever adventures our Lord my have for you.

Jerry said...

Hi Carol,

Here's an excellent article on how St. Thomas helps us to see clearly. The author has a way of bringing the Doctor to bear on our current problems of unclear thinking. It begins:

"A great spiritual miasma has now descended upon the civilized world – a kind of poisonous ambience of culture and thought which has made it virtually impossible to perceive spiritual realities. Apart from an extraordinary grace from God, the only human weapon capable of dispersing this poisonous fog is the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas."


Maria said...

O Lord my God, help me to be obedient without reserve, poor without
servility, chaste without compromise, humble without pretense, joyful
without depravity, serious without affectation, active without frivolty,
submissive without bitterness, truthful without duplicity, fruitful in good
works without presumption, quick to revive my neighbor without haughtiness, and quick to edify others by word and example without simulation.

Grant me, O Lord, an ever-watchful heart that no alien thought can lure away from You; a noble heart that no base love can sully; an upright heart that
no perverse intention can lead astray; an invincible heart that no distress
can overcome; an unfettered heart that no impetuous desires can enchain.

O Lord my God, also bestow upon me understanding to know You, zeal to seek You, wisdom to find You, a life that is pleasing to You, unshakable
perseverance, and a hope that will one day take hold of You.

May I do penance here below and patiently bear your chastisements. May I also receive the benefits of your grace, in order to taste your heavenly
joys and contemplate your glory. Amen.

St. Thomas Acquinas

Carol: He seems a might intercessor...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol.
I remember when I was studying Aquinian Philosophy in my formerly Catholic University way back in the 60's, he struck me as being a very determined rebel. He had the determination and zeal to see any problem to its successful conclusion, whether it was the one he expected or the one God planned. If he is guiding you and helping set you on the Path, by all means,listen and pray. He is a GREAT intercessor. God Bless and keep you. I for one pray for all of us each day so we may continue the battle against the "Culture of Death".
Jesus Is Lord!

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks all for these beautiful thoughts on St. Thomas.

Boy, what enrichment I have been missing with this Saint. It's funny how somebody who is so quiet, which such opposite charisms as mine, be attracted to this outspoken soul. I read somewhere yesterday that he is a guardian of apologists. I don't have any idea what's he's doing in my life but I hope for the sake of nuns in convents all over the world that he doesn't drive me to that doorstep after retirement!

Father - I have said a prayer of thanksgiving to St. Catherine for leading you to and protecting your vocation.

Jerry - thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

Maria, the prayer rocks.

Tim, I didn't know you went to CU. Were you there when the poo hit the fan with Humanae Vitae?