Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inching Towards Making Catholic Schools Hostile Environments for Catholic Teaching

As Boston Catholic bloggers have reported over the last few days, Cardinal O'Malley is inching towards creating his 'policy' to make Catholic schools hostile places for Catholic teaching.

I'm not going to re-invent the wheel, there are three must-read posts -- HERE - HERE and HERE.

It should be duly noted that twenty million dollars the Archbishop says he doesn't have to fund his employee pensions (a fiduciary duty he and the Chancellor are required to do by law) was instead given to Jack Connors.  (Former employees ought to consider filing a lawsuit and getting the attorney general - once we have one who hasn't been paid off in campaign donations - to do an audit.     Check out the math.   How do you like knowing this same morass of incompetence and malfeasance has been given complete control of the money, governance and mission of the Church in Boston?

It's a special feeling for this Catholic mother.

There's a lot of theology in the links provided that affirm that our right to the inheritance of the deposit of faith is being eradicated by the Cardinal in charge of Boston (or more accurately stated, the people he's put in charge as he cavorts around taking pictures of himself for his travelogue).    Simply put, it is common sense that what the Cardinal is doing with his deceptively-named policy is taking away a pastor/principal's right to make decisions about families that will create a hostile environment to teach Catholic sexual morality.

Not surprisingly, we are stepping up our campaign to expose what the Cardinal is doing.   We've got to stop blaming this on all the people around the Cardinal.  What is happening in Boston, the utter destruction of our religion, the onus is on the Cardinal.

Stay tuned for a campaign.


Anonymous said...

First, Merry Little Christmas!
NOW why isn't Michael Voris called in to report on the Boston Archdiocese? Have you seen his post today? Get Michael on the case, bring National Attention.

kd said...

I just sent an email for HELP from Michael & Cath. TV, need a few prayers they'll pay attention!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you post links to anonymous blogging cowards.

kd said...

To anonymous above, and you might be? Check out
The truth will prevail & God in His Mercy does get the final say. Cowards? Just who are you referring to?