Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day and TTC Update

Lay low and stay safe tomorrow - this one looks like it could be a tough one.    Hopefully, we'll have electricity and cable so I can catch up on emails and posting some updates about the 'non-discrimination policy', the future of the prolife movment in Massachusetts and a few other important updates.

A bit of sad news I'm sure you've all heard, David Thorp (who was heading up the major evangelization efforts of the archdiocese - Catholics Come Home) died suddenly over the weekend.    I know you'll pray with me for his soul and his family.  David loved our Lord and loved Christ's Church and worked hard for many years to bring others into the faith.  It is a challenging job in this diocese for reasons I don't have to remind my readers, but David's heart was in the right place and his passing I'm sure was a joyous occasion for the communion of souls.   RIP.

There are many problems in the diocese, chief among them is the abandonment of the actual mission Catholic Church - once we get people coming into the buildings, getting them to reject their  own sinfulness and pursue a state of grace through the Sacraments so that at the hour of death, our souls will reside with Christ and in peace for eternity.    David will definitely be praying with us in the challenge of turning the tack of the ship.

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