Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Does Obama, Carol Keehan, Notre Dame, and Cardinal O'Malley Have in Common?

They all have the same go-to guy to teach Catholic identity.   

 There's something smelly about how the Archdiocese kept this year's keynote speaker at the Catholic School catechetical convocation to teach about the 'identity of Catholic schools' under the radar until the last few days -- Bryan Hehir.    

The same guy who stood beside the million dollar lobbyist for the babykilling rights crowd, Carol Keehan, praising her for her 'intelligent and courageous leadership', same guy behind the archdiocesan subcontracting of abortionists, same buy behind the seamless garment trash that has poisoned the minds of millions of Catholics, same guy behind the 'non-discrimination' policy to turn Catholic schools into a hostile environment to teach Catholic children moral principles in sexuality - - etc., is scheduled to talk to Catholic school officials about the 'catholic identity'.

Oddly enough, priests and lay folks throughout the archdiocese only learned about Hehir's talk a few days ago when Catholic School superintendant Mary Grassa O'Neil (who is six superintendents underneath her!) circulated an email informing everyone.    Shortly thereafter, Boston bloggers learned it is rumored that the secrecy may indicate that they're going to unveil the 'perfumed pig' - the 'no-'discrimination policy'.

Boston Catholic bloggers have a little something up our sleeves so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I'll stay tuned AND keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for all that you do!

Caroline said...

They kept Bryan Hehir under the radar probably for the same reason our diocese did when they "slipped" him in to do our Eucharistic conference over a year ago.

Nobody was aware of what he stood for until your website and Bryan Hehir Exposed got networked around here.

When you say you have something up your sleeve...I know you mean it. :)

I linked you on my blog so I can help others tune in too.