Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got Accused of Inciting a Peaceful Riot When All He Wanted Was a Cup of Tea

It's really something how Obama is stepping up his campaign to incite anarchy all over the world.

I thought for sure once Lara Logan was raped by the 'peaceful demonstrators' the mainstream media would finally report that the 'democrats' overthrowing the government were nothing but no good bloodthirsty anarchists.

He has the whole Middle East in an Uproar and as the governments react, he is appalled, simply appalled, the anarchists are not permitted to overthrow the country peacefully and without resistance.

Perhaps next year we ought to circle the white house on the walk for life and peacefully let him know we want his ouster. Seems to me he would order police and armed forces to cooperate with us. This is democracy to him.

At the crack of dawn today, I turned on the television to see him condemning Libya's 'crackdown'.

Mary Ann Kreitzer has an update on Egypt: Christian's asked to bow to Allah. Surprise, surprise.

Isn't this right out of the Book of Revelation? Right around the seventh trumpet. (13: 11-18 to be exact)

At the rate Obama's going, corruption at the hands of his administration could outpace the folks at 66 Brooks Drive.

Check out Janet Baker's post Obama's interference in Wisconsin and tune in later this evening for my thoughts on that situation.

Have a great day!


kd said...

The Good People of The US better get back from vacation & pay attention. Interesting Obama never mentioned Gaddafi's name ? Interesting, Obama's favorite reverend what's his name, Wrong no no Wright is a personal friend of Gaddafi's.. Ya, Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Alright Carol,

(seriousness aside for a second)

Are you a Rod Stewart fan?

Every Picture Tells a Story!

Catechist Kevin :)

Maria said...

God save the USA. Hey, Carol, did you get the E-mail I sent you a couple of days ago?

Carol McKinley said...

He's up to no good kd!

Kev, LOL. Glad you noticed! Not really though but the lyrics fit. How's things in your vineyard?

Anonymous said...

Glad you asked, Carol. :)

We are getting through some upper flu/cold stuff - we have been lucky since we are homeschoolers.

Been asked to come down to another parish to lead my adult faith study (i.e. apologetics). Some distance away (50 miles, ugh), but you have to go where the Lord opens the doors, yes? ;)


Hearing we should be getting a new bishop soon. Our current bishop submitted his retirement papers back in October.

Interesting rumors abound!

Here's praying and hoping!

God love you dear-heart. :)

I visit everyday.

"Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more." (Romans 5:20)

Catechist Kev

Carol McKinley said...


I did. I wanted to be able to go over and read the thread at America before I responded but it has been such a crazy week I've been delayed. You did a nice job with the citation you send me. It's troubling that citations from the catechism get deleted over there isn't it? But that is a testimony to what has been done in our parishes for the last 40 years.

Glad you took a few weeks off. How goes the battle?

Maria said...

A bit grinding. But we press on...

Carol McKinley said...

50 miles is a lot. But God has endowed you with such a gift - it isn't surprising!

So glad the children are well.

Has the name O'Malley been in the rumor mill? :O)

Thanks for your support and readership. What's it been close to ten years? You just might be the longest reader from out of state.

Love and prayers.

Carol McKinley said...

Hang in there girl. I love your idea. Sounds like the way to go. Go for it.