Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on Boston

There's an awful lot of people trying to get out of Dodge and a few changes are coming to 66 Brooks Drive in the next few months that will be of interest to Boston Catholics. As soon as the ink is dry, Boston Catholic blog readers will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, there's a few fires on the pan.

There are a few upcoming surprises relative to the 'non-discrimination' policy. Be sure to stay tuned to Bryan Hehir Exposed. By the way, a local Catholic who is helping with fact finding has contacted the administration at St. John's Seminary to find out whether the Seminary is admitting applicants with two mommies or daddies.

There is not a single seminarian who has two daddies or two mommies.

How can this be when the Holy Father said that "no child should be denied his or her right to education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of the nation"?

Isn't it of prime importance to children and grandchildren of immigrants who earlier came to our shores to produce countless numbers of well-educated moral leaders in our ecclesial communities?

Doesn't St. John's have in a special way the duty and right of educating for its divine mission of helping all to arrive at the fullness of Christian life?

Musn't the young people in the third millennium be a source of energy and leadership in our Church and nation? Therefore, musn't St. John's provide academically rigorous and doctrinally sound programs of education and faith formation?

If so, then don't the wizards need a non-discrimination policy that mandates the enrollment of seminarians with two daddies?

(pssssssst. If anyone knows of a diocescan Catholic school that is doctrinally sound, would you mind spilling the world's best kept secret in the com boxes?)

The fed-up campaign should be ready this week so please keep your digits hovering over the keyboard when the action item goes up.

If you haven't caught up with Boston Catholic Insider's response to the puff piece in the Boston Globe about the Caritas Christi's King of the Cannibals, do read the post HERE and HERE.

I'll keep repeating myself until I'm blue in the face: Either de la Torre did not have the skills to pull the hospitals out of debt by delivering quality health care on the cheap and we had to sell them, or, he's so talented at doing it, he is the model for the nation. Can't have it both ways.


non-faithfulcatholicschools said...

Dear Carol,
All you have to do to find a "Catholic School" is go to ANY diocese and look. Of course, the CINO you find won't be teaching Catholicism, but the new "Progressive Liberation Catholic Theology" that so many teach as the "feel good" Catholicism. They don't want to injure anyone's self esteem, so 'sin' is left out of the curriculum. Truth and Faithfulness to the Catholic Identity is thrown out in favor of "Political Inclusiveness"...and of course, "gay rights" and sex education.

Our little grade school in my town is having to close it's doors...not due to lack of funds, but due to lack of students. This one really does teach Catholicism. That's a real surprise considering who our Bishop is, but that's another story.

Catholic Education is something that is going the way of the dinosaur...extinct. God Bless those who fight for it as they are few and far between.

Please let us know if you find any Faithful ones as Carol asked. Our job is to expose the bad ones.
Jesus Is Lord!

love the girls said...

"(pssssssst. If anyone knows of a diocescan Catholic school that is doctrinally sound, would you mind spilling the world's best kept secret in the com boxes?)"

St. Vincent De Paul in Denver. It's run by the Nashville Dominicans


Our Lady of Lourdes, it just started joint operations with Our Lady of Mr. Carmel Latin Mass Community. I trust Fr. Jackson FSSP on that one.

And there are a couple of others over this way of the world. But you're correct they're rather uncommon. Which is why private Catholic schools like the Trivium your way in Still River started up.

love the girls said...

The Trivium is in Lancaster

The monastery is in Still River

Sorry, I haven't been there since 84 and was going by memory.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I find it interesting that Law's replacement as cardinal archbishop was a Franciscan priest, who is supposed to take vows of chastity and poverty, correct?

Another fantastic episcopal appointment by John Paul the Great (Fraud).

As a Californian, I live with one in my own diocese (Tod Brown, Orange) and am next door to another (Roger Mahony, Los Angeles).

More and more, I believe that God is punishing the Church by allowing the stupid, incompetent and corrupt to pervade its leadership.