Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bishops Turn A Blind Eye

Over the past few weeks, we once again demonstrated in Boston how a Bishop (in our case a Cardinal) handles complaints about corruption. Not only does he turn a blind eye, he takes it one step further. He pens a letter about how wonderful the person is.

What makes this action so despicable, is that it is a deliberate shot across the bow of people who have been reporting the corruption he refuses to take action upon. It says go bleep yourself.

This is not the first time Cardinal O'Malley has resorted to this passive-aggressive response. He is a pro at it. In fact, he did the same thing six months ago, after a dossier was delivered to him on the devastating career and tenure of Fr. Bryan Hehir. He even called in a chit from Rome to have Fr. Hehir 'honored'. Rome played along.

When Cardinal O'Malley and his administration promised the Commonwealth that they would provide abortions and made good on that promise by contracting abortionists and driving the women there, pouring millions of dollars into their own pockets -- we made sure Rome knew every detail. And, not just about the fact that they appointed a Cardinal who would go so far as to facilitate murdering children -- we had a long list of how they were lying about it, how they were using their PR machines to lie about what they were doing and slander people who were publishing factual information.

Even when it comes to lying about the profits they want to make murdering children, the Holy Father will continue to find favor with that Cardinal.

It pains me to say it, because I love the Holy Father. But, I love Christ and His Church and salvation much, much more and so I find that I must say it.

The people in the Chancery know they are positioned to do just about anything without being stopped, and they take full advantage of it.

How this dynamic, how they all turn a blind eye, manifests itself when it comes to abusing children is further revealed in the documents released about Jesuit Fr. McGuire.

Our friend Maria has highlighted in the comments section what the Jesuits knew and when they knew it - and what they did about it.

Specifically, the documents and testimony in this case
show that by the end of 2002, the Jesuits knew:
(1) that there had been allegations involving McGuire's interactions with the son of
a family in Gennany and that McGuire subsequently brought the son to live
with him at Loyola Academy;
(2) that McGuire had "much relations" with several boys in Europe;
(3) that Austrian police had investigated McGuire's relationship with a kitchen boy
in Innsbruck who had travelled extensively with McGuire;
(4) that had been repeatedly abused at Loyola Academy, including
that Fr. Schlax had sent Loyola Academy officials a letter indicating that.
had called McGuire a "pervert" and had also made similar allegations during a
meeting between Jesuit officials and Fr. Schlax;
(5) that Fr. Reinke from Loyola Academy had reported several serious concerns
about McGuire, including that he allowed his "friends" to sleep overnight in his
(6) that McGuire had been accused of having inappropriate interactions with
students at the University of San Francisco;
(7) that McGuire's faculties in Los Angeles had been tenninated;
(8) that Jesuit officials had consulted with an expert on pedophilia about McGuire;
(9) that in 1991 Brother Palacio had reported that he was "quite suspicious" of
McGuire's behavior towards a 16 or 17 year old boy travelling with him;
(10) that Fr. Fessio had reported in 1993 that McGuire had been traveling with
young men, including one with whom he was taking showers, reading
pornography, and masturbating;
(13) that the psychological evaluations of McGuire indicated that he had a sexual
behavior disorder;
(14) that a Jesuit assisting with the evaluation of McGuire in 1993 had concluded
that McGuire had "grave moral problems";
that the Jesuits had received a report from mother in 1994
indicating that _ lived with McGuire while a student at Loyola in the
1960's and that he would cry when she asked him about McGuire;
that John Doe 130's mother had called them in 1995 to report on her suspicions
regarding McGuire and her son, and had also told McGuire to leave her son
(17) that in January 2000 the Jesuits could not issue a "letter in good standing" for
McGuire because of the information that had been received about his behavior;
(18) that, throughout the late 1990's and early 2000's, McGuire had utilized the
services of several teenage boys as "aides" who assisted him both day and
night, spent considerable time with him at Canisius House in Evanston, and
travelled extensively with McGuire;
(19) that two different families whose sons had served as McGuire's aides wrote to
the Jesuits in 2000 to express concems about McGuire;
(20) that McGuire might have been the legal guardian of a 16 year old boy, John
Doe 116, who was extremely close to McGuire;

(21) that McGuire was travelling to India with an "aide"~) in late 2000, in
clear violation of the "Guidelines" imposed upon him by the Jesuits;
(22) that in july 2001, Jesuit Marc Andrews reported suspicions about McGuire's
behavior with_;
(23) that in July 2002, McGuire was scheduled to give a "special retreat" to minor
(24) that McGuire was traveling with a "high school boy" (John Doe 116) III
Summer 2002;
(25) that several Jesuits had made reports about McGuire's "personality" problems;
(26) that McGuire had ignored four different sets of Guidelines placed on his
behavior by various Jesuit Provincials in 1991, 1994, 1995, and 2001, each
(00058238.DOC} 38
time requiring yet more restrictive limits to be placed on his behavior (which he
continued to ignore).

They can get away with murder. Literally. They can even position themselves to make a profit off of it. And there is nobody over in Rome who will say - "Gee, here's a guy who contracted with the state to drive children to be executed for a lucrative contract, turned a blind eye to it and then lied about it in the public square. Tormented the people who were making the facts known. Perhaps whatever he has wrong with him makes him untrustworthy and we should find a nice position for him somewhere else serving the poor in a village in Africa."

The crocodile tears about how sorry they are that the system is broken really does not move the people here in Boston. When they flop themselves onto the floor in a dramatic show about how sorry they are, and they wash people's feet -- and the cameras are rolling to capture how much they 'care' -- all I see is the Pope's traveling circus. The meaningless gesture is self-serving.


Anonymous said...

They can get away with murder, and they have.


Maria said...


I read that Cardinal O'Malley tells us that Ireland has about ten years to save the Church and Catholic education. Isn't putting him in charge rather like assigning
Willy Loman to the chief precinct. Like you, at some point, we have to ask ourselves, as much as we love the Holy Father:is this how you feed your sheep?

To read through the motion filed against the Society is to know the hell to which the Society has succumbed. I wept. Never mind.No sooner than the story hit, than they are whining at Ameria Magazine about, what else? Themselves, of course. Mr. Clarke tells us HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTS aren't the problem. See, it not about the sins of Donald McGuire or the Society. It is about their "rights". I tried bringing them around, quoted John 8:44

You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

Deleted. They will not stand for the Truth at America Mag. No Sir.

We fight the good fight for the Lord has told us: "Fight to the death for the Truth and the Lord will war on your side". We soldier on. Thanks, Carol...

Carol McKinley said...

Veronica and Maria,

There have been times in my life when I was out of touch with Sanctifying Grace. I've seen and recognized when others have wandered. I have never seen anything like this. Maybe it is just so much more egregious because they have the keys to the deposit of faith. I don't know. Whatever it is, it is despicable.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

I will take a stab at exactly what it is...

They hide in the open under a cloud of false compassion.

Those in charge fail due to sentimentality so ingrained they mistake it for charity.

Modernism has muddled their thinking and enemies within the church know this well and use if for destruction.

You said,
"I have never seen anything like this."

I see things like this every day in the V2 church.

Anonymous said...

Last Catholic,

Aren't you amazed that so many fall for it?


P.S. Carol, I know exactly how you feel. Some days my poor brain is so overwhelmed by what is going on in the Church, that I no longer know who is right and who is wrong.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, the fundamental problem is the fact that Catholic ecclesiastical structure isolates the leadership, encourages attitudes of arrogance and entitlement, fights against any sort of accountability and treats the laity as serfs who must offer only unquestioning obeisience. The whole thing is an abomination before a holy, righteous God Who will kick butt, take names and issue asbestos swimwear when these apostates least expect.

Carol, I realize this might be cold comfort but you are doing a commendable job. I realize how disgusted you probably feel having to relay all this information. Nevertheless, you are acting more like Jesus than these clerical apostates, and He will reward you handsomely for following His will instead of blind groupthink.

word identification: uncese. Something for you to think about, Carol. :)

breathnach said...

The crisis in the Church is more fundamental than structure.

Many (if not most) RC clerics do not have faith or they believe their "faith" in worldly ideologies is the Catholic Faith.

I've heard seemingly orthodox clerics like Benedict Groeschel sing the praises of Cardinal O'Malley as a "prayerful" Capuchin. Yet Father Groeschel founded a new order (within the Capuchins) to get away from the worldliness and laxity of the Capuchins.

Cardinal O'Malley has shown in spades his respect for worldly ideologies and persons> he has shone little "prayerfulness".

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The fact that someone like Groeschel can call someone like O'Malley "prayerful" disturbs me. It reminds me of JPII's praise for Maciel. In both cases, people see what they want to see instead of what really is, because what they want to see reinforces their illusions. That been far too great a problem in the Church for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Mcguire moved in "orthodox" Catholic circles and received praise and dismissal or minimization of the charges against him by some important "orthodox" Catholics. Such perversion is not limited to liberals because of their (im)moral views. Regardless of ideology individuals can have mental problems as sociopaths and/or psychopaths.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

Joe, Breathnach, Anon
Most American Bishops have been groomed to hide behind the skirt of the USCCB. They simply lack fortitude, a virtue that will only increase with its exercise. The more cowardly they act, the more cowardly they become. A Bishop doesn't need the advice of the laity, he needs to standup to sin and error.(need proof?)
There is not a structural problem but an obedience one. Obedience to the call of truth.

Maria said...

Amen, last Catholic. Many of these men seem to have no faith. Obedience? Not even in their vocabulary...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

LastCatholicinBoston, then how would you explain the behavior of Western bishops outside of the U.S.? I cite the president of the German bishops' conference, who stated on German television that the crucifixion was not a matter of Christ receiving God's anger and punishment for sin but "an act of solidarity with mankind." The current Pope, ostensibly orthodox theologcially, has yet to "correct" him publicly, to the best of my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you have a point.

It is not the first time an heretical statement made by a bishop has gone uncorrected by him.


Anonymous said...

That we know of, that is.

But heretical statements of this nature should not be corrected privately.


Carol McKinley said...


Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. They were appreciated more than you know. (Boy, being rewarded sure sounds good but I hope for get out of purgatory time.)

Thanks to Veronica, Maria and others too.

LCIB, I've seen a lot in what you dub at the V2 Church. Still, there are a lot of strong priests we didn't have ten years ago. I think some of the things Cardinal O'Malleys administrators have done to the structure may be irreparable. I don't know what will happen but letting them destroy it without resistance is not an option - as I know you well know...and work hard at.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

I have noticed that over all the newer priest are not effeminate.
A positive sign for sure.
Joe, I know less than nothing of the state of The Church in Germany other than our current Pope is from there. I do know that a bishops role it to lead and teach the flock. In the US it appears they see their role is to publish political position papers and collective statements that nobody reads nor cares about.