Friday, March 18, 2011

Boston Archdiocese Pulls Holy Trinity Off the Market

Some good news for a change - the Archdiocese has pulled Holy Trinity off the market.

In mid-February, Cardinal O'Malley reported that he was considering selling closed Churches.

There was a big process where everyone could tell him what they thought. "Consultation" they called it, and he was going into the process with no predetermined decisions mind you.

There's a first for everything.

Considering he hasn't even been here, it certainly leaves a lot to be desired in the credibility department, but here's what the Vicar General said: "It is a very dramatic step and one that should and can only be taken with grave reason,"

But, the next thing you know, Holy Trinity was listed at Southeby's for sale and was being shown twice a week by real estate agents.

As readers and Boston Catholics are well aware, Holy Trinity Parishioners asked the Holy See to intervene in the sale, saying the Archdiocese had not completed the process to convert this magnificent jewel to profane use.

A spokesman said the archdiocese knows it can’t sell the property until that process is completed.

When the listing was yanked today, the spokesperpetrator said when the Archdiocese listed the property for sale with Southeby's, they were not going to sell it. Heaven's no.

They were simply testing the market and looking for a buyer.

On Friday, spokesman Terry Donilon said the listing meant to gauge the market or attract a buyer from a Catholic organization.

Do I have a red ball at the end of my nose?

Honesty at 66 Brooks Drive is like clams. Sometimes, you'll find a pearl but most of the time, it's just slime.


Check out Pinnochio's Nose at BCI, where they make some very astute observations:

If you want to find a Catholic buyer, what in the world makes Terry Donilon, as spokesperson for Cardinal O’Malley, think anyone would believe that you would list the property for sale with Sothebys, a residential real estate broker, who has no reach whatsoever with a Catholic audience. Where is the listing in a Catholic newspaper, like, say our own Pilot, the “America’s oldest Catholic newspaper”? Did anyone place listings to find a Catholic buyer in Our Sunday Visitor or the National Catholic Register? Heck, even publications like America and the National Catholic Reporter call themselves “Catholic” too.

They were looking for Catholic buyers with Southeby's. If they found a Catholic buyer they did not mean to sow the confusion that it was their intention to sell Holy Trinity. I am sure came as a complete surprise to Southeby's who has spent money running advertisements and with whom they have signed a contract.

Another exploitative agreement entered into in bad faith?


Anonymous said...

Could it be someone is getting their Green Hands slapped from Rome? Could it be our emails & petitions are making a difference?
Holy Trinity is a Historical Site. Unfortunately I can't see any "Catholic Organization" with the money to fix the crumbling building BUT there's always MegaMillions or Powerball...

Carol McKinley said...

It certainly is laughable that they pulled the listing because they had concerns they were sewing seeds of confusion. They sew seeds of confusion every day, often intentionally and with full conviction of their hearts. Their usual and customary response to complainants is slandering and maligning them.

I hope Cardinal Sean didn't have to take any time of out of his expensive first class travels around the world. (Has anyone figured out how much his trips are costing the archdiocese annually?)

Anonymous said...

That's laughable! Concern about sewing seeds of confusion - they're about fifty years too late with that line.

Think of a better one, Eminence!


Anonymous said...

Ooops! Shouldn't that be "sowing" instead of "sewing"?