Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cardinal O'Malley's Right-Hand Man (Jack Connors) Helping With Obama's Election

Jack Connors is a familiar name to those of you who are following along with us in the archdiocese of Boston.

Jack has stacked the Chancery with friends of his and his buddy Jim McDonough and given them such high salaries that ten of them are now costing us 3 million dollars. I won't bore you with the details, but you can read about it on BCI if you go over to the right hand side of the blog and read the posts filed under 'conflicts of interest and cronyism.

Yesterday, in a post about the Daughter's of St. Paul missing pension money and the Cardinal's refusal to turn over the data and money to it's rightful owners - there is a very interesting detail on how money gets diverted into Jack Connor's pet project piggy bank instead of things like employee pensions.

As we reported in “Is Boston Archdiocese Committing Fraud?", $5 million is owed to the pension fund for employee pensions by closed parishes. That has not yet been repaid, yet $2.5 was diverted from closed parish reconfiguration funds to pay costs of Finance Council member, Jack Connors’ pet Catholic Schools project in Brockton.

When you owe your employees 5 million dollars from closed parishes and the money comes in, why would you hand it over to Jack Connors instead?

Does that seem ethical to you?

Is Jack Connors fundraising for the Archbishop or is the Archbishop a fundraiser for Jack Connors?

While the Archbishop is giving money to Jack Connors that belongs to the Daughters of St. Paul and sick and retired employees, Connors is holding fru-fru events for the wealthy elite drumming up donors....for OBAMA!

Vice President Joe Biden came to the top of the John Hancock Tower in downtown Boston yesterday afternoon to rally about 100 elite Democratic financial backers...yesterday’s cocktail party...guests, who drank from an open bar and snacked on rare beef tenderloin crostini ...were being courted for future financial help....thanked the crowd, including health care entrepreneur Jack Connors... for its influence as much as its money.

The Daughters of St. Paul and the employees getting screwed out of their pension would have enjoyed the rare beef tenderloin crostini, the open bar and the beautiful view to talk about that 2.5 million.

Biden said he hopes the Archbishop's chief fundraiser will help Obama get elected just like last time:

“Our shot at getting reelected is through you and the same way you did it the last time,’’ he said.

In addition to the cocktail party gathering, Biden also met with a smaller group of supporters in Connors’s 60th-floor office, the highest floor in the skyscraper. Connors is the lead fund-raiser for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, and, like others in attendance, has wide influence on other potential fund-raisers.

I sure hope while he had the attention of the wealthy elites, he mentioned the hole he's digging the Archdiocese into.

Why can't meet his fundraising goals at 66 Brooks Drive?

The more important question is, what is Cardinal O'Malley's right-hand man doing helping to re-elect the most destructive and deadly, proabortion administration in the history of American politics?

Noteworthy too is that two brothers and a sister-in-law of Archbishop's spokesperpon, Terry Donilon also work in Obama's White House. Thomas, is National Security Advisor, Michael is Joe Biden's Chief Counsel and Michael's wife is chief of staff to Joe Biden's wife Jill.

BTW - It's very strange, isn't it, that there's nobody in the Cardinal's Cabinet who worked for George Bush. Ronald Reagan. I know plenty of Catholics faithful to doctrine who have applied for jobs and leadership positions - but unless you're a friend of Jack Connors or Jim McDonough, you don't have the credentials.

There's something really dirty going down in Boston and I really believe it needs an independent auditor. And a RICO investigation.

It is critical that you visit Boston Catholic Insider today and take part in the latest fed up campaign. Pleas visit the link in my sidebar.

Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

Hey I thought enough already was enough?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The more important question is, what is Cardinal O'Malley's right-hand man doing helping to re-elect the most destructive and deadly, proabortion administration in the history of American politics?

Simple. O'Malley wants influence w/the Obama Administration. Out here, Roger Mahony became one of the most influential political figures in the City of Los Angeles.

All O'Malley is doing is continuing the "tradition" of prelates through the centuries. That is, throwing the faith under the bus to acquire secular prestige and influence.

How can the Catholic Church be the "bride of Christ" when its leaders are nothing but sycophantic whores?

Maria said...

Amen, Joseph.